The Christmas Tag: Let The Festivities Begin!

Hello and happy Sunday everyone!

Another end to another weekend…as bittersweet as it may be, I hope you guys enjoyed it and rested up for the start of the new week tomorrow!

I’m super excited because today I’m going to be officially starting my first day of Blogmas!!

I am, however, just going to be doing my own version of it, MEANING, although most bloggers and/or YouTubers tend to try and post every single day/night for the month of December, I’m going to just do it twice or three times a week. Nonetheless, I will be making sure that they’re as fun, creative and holiday-related (to some extent) as possible! 🙂

So, for today’s post (and technically first day of Blogmas for me), I thought it would be fun to do none other than the Christmas tag! Mentioning a few of my personal holiday favorites along with past experiences, traditions, etc.

So, without further adieu, let’s get started!

* * * * * *

  1. What is your favorite Christmas film?


There are SO many (which I’m going to be doing a completely separate post about later on), but if I had to choose out of them all, I would have to probably say The Santa Claus movie(s), starring Tim Allen. I literally never get tired of those movies and think they are SO cute.

2. Have you ever had a White Christmas?

None that I remember on the day of, but there’s been some a few days before and/or after.

3. Where do you usually spend your holiday?

At home with family (my parents and brother) and Diego.

4. What is your favorite Christmas song?

The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You) by Nat “King” Cole.

5. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

Amongst my family, the only thing(s) we open on Christmas Eve are our stockings, but aside from that, Diego and I usually tend to exchange gifts with each other and open them that day.

6. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen…..(and Rudolph). And to be honest the only reason I really know them and can recite them so fast if you asked me in person is because of that one scene in Jingle All The Way starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (which, if you haven’t watched it before you totally should 😂).


7. What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this year?

I guess I would have to say the Advent calendar my dad always gets my brother and I every year (no matter how old we are), watching the 25 days of Christmas on FreeForm, and also watching A Christmas Story all day on AMC  on the actual day of Christmas with my family.

8. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?


9. What is your all-time favorite holiday food/sweet treat?


I LOVE the holiday pillsbury sugar cookies. UGHH they’re pre-baked already, but god do they never get old 😍  (which fun fact: they have ones as E.L.F. themed now that I am SO excited to make!!!)

10. Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?

Honestly, if you know me you know that I LOVE giving gifts to others, especially the people I care about most, and even if I don’t get anything back from them in return. I’m just that type of person. I go all out every year for the people I care about. I love and would much rather know that I’m making other people happy in that sense then get anything else. To me, that makes me the most happy.

11. Most memorable Holiday moment?

Last year in general, although it was really hard, was also really memorable, because it was the first Christmas in YEARS that we had spent it without our cat Spencer. And everyone in my family knew how difficult it was for me personally, so they all (in their own separate ways/gifts) got me a lot of great things to help me not only cope, but also to just remember him.


Like my mom got me this picture of me and Spencer blown up and put on a canvas, which actually hangs on the wall in my room now, and Diego got me a bracelet that was engraved with “For my love, From D & S,” which was pretty special and actually made me cry (both of them).

12. When did you realize the truth about Santa?

This is terrible, but I must’ve been like 9-10 and to this day I really don’t remember what was up my ass that one Christmas morning, or who pissed me off or why it happened, but I just remember being really upset and yelling at the top of my lungs to my parents “AND THAT’S WHY SANTA ISN’T EVEN REAL!!” and so from then on, my parents stopped all of the ‘Santa is real’ charade with me and just got me gifts like a grown-up (so to speak) 😂.

13. What makes the Holidays special for you?

Honestly, I just love the general feeling and giddiness that comes along with it all. The music, decorations, events, etc., it’s just all really fun and exciting and never gets old for me. I’m 23 years-old and to this day, I look forward to it and all of the cheesy little things that come along with it every year.

14. Have you ever made a snowman?

Not on or for Christmas, but yes my brother and I have tried (and failed) several times before.

15. How do you decorate your house for Christmas?

I/we (my family) love the holidays and always do our best to go all out. And personally,  more so now that I’m older, working and making my own money, I tend to go all out even if it’s just for my room (which I’ll be showing you guys in a separate post soon).

16. When do you start getting excited about Christmas?

Anyone who knows me knows that November 1st is when I start getting excited, decorating and listening to Christmas music lol.

17. You have been granted one Christmas wish….what would it be?

To have one big Christmas party/event with my entire family (from both my parents’ sides), because it’s been a LONG time since we’ve all gotten together in that way sadly, and I know it would be a great and memorable time for all of us if it were to happen.

* * * * * *

I hope you guys enjoyed this Christmas Tag post. Please like, share, follow and comment, and stay tuned for my next Blogmas post in a few days! 😀

-Xoxo, LeoGirl ❤

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The Best Friend Tag!

Hey Guys!

Hope you’re all having a great week back after the nice long Labor Day weekend. I thought today’s post should be something fun and sort of light-hearted, so I figure why not do a tag post? It’s been a while since the last time I did one of these, so I think it’s appropriate timing.

I had gotten a few recommendations to do the boyfriend tag, the best friend tag, etc. So, a few days ago on my Instagram story (@thatleogirlem), I asked you all to vote on which you would rather see first, and a lot of you voted on the best friend tag so that’s what we’re going to be doing today!


My best friend, for those of you that don’t know, is named Michelle (@_emperax if you wanted to check her out/follow her on Instagram). We met back in our freshmen year of high school, and have been friends ever since… I cannot freakin’ believe that next September that’s going to be 10 years of friendship..what the hell?! Time really flies man.

*(The cover photo I have for this post was actually one that we took back in like 2011!!)*

Obviously this is a blog, and you won’t really be able to see or hear us interact much which is kind of unfortunate, but we’re making the best out of what we’ve got right now!! So the way that this is going to work is that I’m going to be asking Michelle a series of questions, and we’re going to see how well she knows me, then below whatever her answer is, I’ll say whether she’s correct or not and give my own answer if necessary.

So let’s get started! 🙂

* * * * * *

1. What is my full name?

M- Emily Caitlyn Hernandez 🤪

2. What is my astrological sign?

M- You my friend, are a Leo (hint: her blog name)

Me: 🤪♌️

3. When and where did we meet?

M- We met in high school freshmen year, late 2009, in history class.

Me: GLOBAL history class with Mr. Rae 😂

4. What was my first job?

M- Your first job was at Aspira!

Me: Yes, with all the little kiddies👶🏼

5. Do we call each other in any special way?

M- BEEEBEEEEEEY! & we say dude a lot out of habit.

Me- tis true 😭

6. If we could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?

M- I think we’d want to go to Italy because Emily has Italian in her and I think she did want to experience the Dominican Republic Too.

Me: YESSS. Italy is like my number 1 place to want to go to, and we’ve always talked about going to DR together at some point!

7. Who takes more time to get ready?

M- Hmm everytime we’ve texted each other while getting ready, one didn’t really take longer than the other, so tbh I think we get ready at the same time and pace-ish.

Me- Definitely! Whenever I text her to let her know I’m almost done or whatever, I’ll be like I just gotta do my hair or my makeup, and she’ll just so happen to be doing the same thing, so we somehow always work at the same pace 😂

8. Would you live with me if you got the chance?

M- Yes, not even just because we’re so close, but the fact that I know Emily’s responsible and would hold her end is something I’d do/want.

Me- And I would be the best roommate ever 🤷🏻‍♀️🤪

9. Do you think I would die for you?

M- umm damn I guess maybe? I hope so? This question threw me off.

Me- sorry! I saw this and figure why not throw it in there?! 😭 but yes I would die for you 😤👋🏼

10. What’s our craziest memory together?

M- We have SO many memories together, but a crazy one I guess I’ll pick the Halloween party at Purchase your senior year. Let’s just say we enjoyed ourselves…

Me- I know I definitely did and will never live that down 🙃🎃


11. Do I want kids?

M- Yes, you’d like 2 children for the most part but may be down for a third depending on your situation. I do know Diego wants a ton so buenooooo lol

Me- my ideal is definitely 2, but any even amount of kids in general will do. I can’t stand odd numbers so .. 🙃

12. What is my greatest fear?

M- I do know off the top of my head that you have a fear of roller coasters, but you may one day face that fear.

Me- I’m the biggest scaredy cat EVER, but yes roller coasters are def. up there along with ANY kind of snakes and spiders.

13. What is my dream job?

M- Your dream job as long as I can remember has been to be a journalist, you’d be great at it, such a good writer!

Me- Yes! Writing in general pretty much 😊✒️📖

14. What is my lucky/favorite number?

M- I wanna say 6..4..omg…7?!

Me- 8!!!!! Anything with the number 8 pretty much I’m obsessed with (and even numbers in general)

15. What is my favorite tv show?

M- all time? Friends for sure, you can probably watch re-runs forever.


16. How many years have we been friends?

M- Nine years in a few days, sheesh time flies.

Me- this time next year it’ll be 10 years!!! That went by SO quick 😭💖


17. Do I like ketchup, mustard or both?

M- AFUERA with both of them lol. You’ve never been a fan of either, in that way we’re different because I’d always overboard it on the ketchup; though I believe you might change that eventually.

Me- Negative. I hate all condiments like that! 🤢

18. What is one insecurity that I have?

M- maybe people’s take on your writing, even though it’s bomb and only improving.

Me- that’s definitely something I struggle with. Whether or not people are going to like and/or judge me, my writing and thoughts in general.

19. What is my go-to Starbucks order?

M- I’d say caramel macchiato. I’m not too familiar with the whole no ice, half 2% with a dash of salt talk lol, but we’re both definitely coffee lovers.

Me- Wow that was pretty much it!! 😂 Caramel macchiato with skim milk, an extra shot of espresso and sugar free vanilla 😍

20. What’s my favorite Disney movie?

M- Finding Nemo?!

Me- No 😪 although I would definitely say that is in the top 5 favorites. But it’s the Lion King!! All of them 😭❤️


21. If I could be any animal, what animal would it be?

M- a panda! This girl really does love pandas, they’re such likeable animals.

Me- how could anyone NOT love them?! 😭🐼🐼❤️❤️

22. What is my favorite holiday?

M- Christmas for sure. Not even about the gift part, more like the hot chocolate, cuddle up and watch Christmas movies kind of vibes. Ahh..

Me- 100% right 🎄❤️

23. What creepy crawly am I most scared of?

M- Snakes, we don’t mess with those, but pretty much anything creepy crawly.

Me- pretty much 🤷🏻‍♀️

24. Do I like to spend or save money?

M- Probably both haha, but like they say sometimes you gotta spend to save. Saving would be the preferred method though it can be a bit difficult in this day and age but it is rewarding as we’ve learned.

Me- I think it’s a healthy medium.

25. Am I allergic to anything?

M- I actually just recently learned you’re allergic to a lot.

Me- my immune system is ass, and I’m pretty much allergic to everything 🙄

26. Which celebrity am I in love with?

M- Demi Lovato, my goodness you gotta be blind to miss that one lol.

Me- she ain’t lyin’ 😍🤷🏻‍♀️


27. What’s one negative thing about me?

M- that you don’t like ketchup…lol nah but I mean I don’t know, I guess the fact that your fear can hold you back from doing things.

Me- very true. I always over think things to the point where I’ll freak myself out and just avoid doing certain things altogether without actually trying to see what the outcome could possibly be.

28. Do I say any expression or phrase often?

M- “Well then” 😂 & “yasss”

Me- and recently its also been heardth!! 😂

29. Do I ever dance with no music playing?

M- yup!! Shakes her head to music only she

Me: 🙃💃🏻

30. Do or did I like to collect anything?

M- I feel like years ago Emily always had a bunch of pens so I want to say that you collected that.

Me- LMAO firstly I don’t recall. And secondly, what I had in mind was buttons. Although it was when I was a kid and it was more stealing them from clothes than anything else 😂

31. Do I want to get married?

M- Absolutely, we’re just waiting on Diego… Pressure, no pressure 😂

Me: 🤷🏻‍♀️💍

32. What is a unique thing about me that only a few people may know?

M- that when you extend your arm (I can’t remember for some reason which arm exactly, right arm?) it bends outward more so than an average person.

Me- LMAO she totally meant to say that I’m double-jointed in my arms and legs!!

33. What is the meanest thing someone has ever told me?

M- What comes to mind with this question would be our high school counselor who would discourage certain things we were interested in and wanted to do.

Me- definitely. That always stuck with me and kind of held me back from a lot throughout the years.

34. Do you think you and your best friend are both very different people?

M- we’re obviously 2 different people and in certain situations we may handle it differently, but we mostly think alike and sometimes we complete each other’s sentences or thoughts. So I’d say the differences between us are sort of minimal.

Me- I agree. I feel like we both do things differently sometimes but at the end of the day, we’ll want the same thing or trying to reach the same outcome, it’s just the approach to that will be different. And I think a lot of people don’t necessarily believe me when I tell them to the same extent we are SO similar, but it really is true. It’s crazy sometimes, but in a good way lol.

35. What do I typically tend to do in my free-time?

M- Write, read, plan out any goals for the future, online shop or watch tv.

Me- you know me so well 😢

36. Am I shy or bold?

M- I’d say bold once you get to know her and she feels comfortable around you, which may be perceived as shy at first but really not it isn’t once you get to know her lol similar to me.

Me- I think that’s very true 😬

* * * * * *

Well guys that’s all the questions I had today for us to complete the best friend tag. And I think it’s safe to say that Michelle knows me pretty well after nearly 10 years of friendship. I can only imagine where we’re going to be and the type of answers we’re going to have for these questions if we do this again in another 10 years! We should totally go celebrate the 10 year anniversary of it btw 😭🎉.

But anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I’m sorry that I’ve been kind of absent from social media and the blog since my birthday, but I’m back to posting regularly again and I can’t wait for you guys to see the stuff I’m working on!

See you in my next post!

-Xoxo, LeoGirl ❤️

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Hey Guys!!

I’m sooooo excited about finally doing today’s post. Like SO excited lol.


If you’re anything like me, than the holidays (i.e., Christmas time) are a HUGE deal for you. The food, the music, all the decorations everywhere (especially if you’re from New York), and just the feeling in general, is so warm and giddy. It’s also an exciting time because of all the gifts, not because of receiving gifts, but being able to give them.

If you know me, you know that I love to go all out for the people I love’s Christmas gifts (more so than I probably should sometimes, some people would say), but that’s just how I am. I prefer to give and see the people I love happy with what I’ve given them as opposed to getting anything at all. I don’t know, I guess I just feel like I’m at an age where I don’t want or need people to buy me things, even for Christmas, and if I do want anything, I could just buy it myself. So, because of this, I like to go all out on others gifts.


Which is what lead me to wanting to do this post. Although I like to go all out for people, I know how difficult it can be to shop for certain people. So, I figure I put together this little gift guide with some ideas/suggestions to try helping you guys out a bit if you needed it. This also isn’t just directed towards females by any means, I’m going to try and diversify this as much as possible so that there will a little of everything for everyone here.

Just as a general side note, I think that when it comes to buying gifts for people, ANYONE, whether friends, family, significant others, etc., if the person is loving and appreciative for pretty much anything and everything, then there should be no issue shopping for them. A gift is a gift, and at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts more than anything, and that goes for anyone.

I also think it comes down to knowing the person you’re getting the gift for, and if you do, it’ll make things a lot easier even if you don’t EXACTLY know what to get them, you can start with the little things you know they’re interested in and build from there.

Now, enough with the chit-chat and let’s get to the gift guide itself….

I’m not really arranging this by price, I’m doing it more of by particular stores/categories, then within those, I’ll mention specific things that I think would make good gifts for people (though in no particular order).

That being said, I am going to start off with girls because I am one obviously, and think they’re the easiest to shop for in spite of what others might say/think about it.


*PSA: some of these things that I suggest may be on the pricey side, but just remember at the end of the day, these are just suggestions. You obviously don’t have to get EXACTLY what’s mentioned, there may be and probably are, cheaper alternatives of the exact same things that I’m suggesting, dupes, that are just as good if not better.* 

  1. Victoria Secret

People can literally never do wrong by shopping for a girl at Victoria Secret unless she REALLY could care less about that store. There are a TON of options to choose from in this store alone.


  • Cute/Sexy panties: they’re usually 5 for like $28, but sometimes (like recently) they were doing a sale of them 7 for $28, and you can mix and match with most of them. (yes something like that would probably be for like significant others to buy, some may think, but who cares honestly).
  • Cute pjs!: They have sooooooo many cute pajama options here! From sexy, seductive ones, to genuinely cute, comfortable pj sets; most of which range between $30-50.

*Plus, most times during the holidays, when you spend over a certain amount of money, you get certain free things. For example: last year my boyfriend bought me a ton of stuff from VS for Christmas, and ended up getting this SUPER soft, comfy blanket for free. Another example is like 2 weeks ago, I went and bought a pj set, along with going for the 7 for $28 deal in panties, and got a free pair of slippers with my purchase! Granted, sometimes it’ll be a lot of money they’ll say you have to spend to get these things, but other times it’ll be like spend over $50 and get a free tote bag or something, the point is they give free stuff sometimes with your purchase, so try going for them!*

2. Bath & Body Works

Another great place for getting gifts for girls, young or old. (And for certain things there, Bath & Body Works could also be a place to buy great gifts for guys as well). A great thing about this store is their amazing sales that they do all throughout the year, and pretty frequently too.

  • Candles: Candles are an amazing gift for both males and females, and what better place to get them at than Bath & Body Works? They have a humongous variety of candles from mini ones, to medium sized ones, to their illustrious 3-wick candles. They really have them all. And their scent selections are just as big, especially now for the holidays. Their mini candles typically range for about $5. The single-wick, medium sized candles typically go for about $14.50 each. And the large 3-wick candles tend to go for between $22.50-$24.50, which is kind of pricey, but hey they do tend to last for a very long time and I think they’re worth the buy. Plus, Bath & Body Works tends to frequently do sales on their candles, like right now, they’re doing a sale for the medium candles, get 2 for $16 (and also mix and match with them). Sometimes they’ll do sales 2 for $24 on the large 3-wick candles, and sometimes they’ll also do those large candles for $12.50 each. Candles
  • Wallflowers: If you don’t want to buy them a candle for one reason or another, but know that they love nice scents, a great alternative to candles would be wallflowers. These are the pluggable scents, which is cool because the same scents they have for candles, they tend to make for the wallflowers as well. All wallflowers here retail for $6.50, but at the moment, they’re doing a sale for them, 5 for $23 which is a GREAT buy. Wallflowers
  • Body lotions: If she likes to not only smell good but ALWAYS be nice and moisturized, their body lotions would also make a great gift. Their body lotions go for about $12.50 individually, but right now their doing a sale where if you buy 3 of them, you can get any 2 free! Can’t go wrong with that!! Body Lotion
  • And finally, Hand Soaps: They’re hand soaps, aside from the candles, are some of my favorite products from their store! Some of them smell sooooooo good, the scent lingers on your hands for a really long time after the first time use, and they actually moisturize and hydrate the hands REALLY well. Individually the hand soaps go for $6.50, but right now they’re doing a sale where you can buy 6 of them for $25, or 4 for $20. Hand Soaps

3. Clothes

If you know her sizes for things, clothes are always a good, fun way to go for a gift for women. Especially if you know her favorite stores and how exactly her style is, you can’t go wrong in this department; even more so during this time of year and if you or her live in a place like New York where Winters can get intense. Sweaters are always a great gift for girls, so are leggings, and winter accessories like hats, scarves and gloves. Personally, I love to get my sweaters from Charlotte Russe and Express, they have such cute options here for them. For leggings I would suggest the store Garage, they can be a bit pricey but they’re leggings really do last such a long time, and there’s always sales on them. They’re almost always doing their buy one get one 50% off deal on them. All these stores also have really cute winter accessories (those stores are just to name a few obviously).

4. Lush Cosmetics

Lush is similar to Bath & Body Works, in that pretty much all of the products they sell are for body care. They’re products are all amazing, and I think what makes them better is that they’re all hand-made, and made with all-natural products.

  • Face masks: Face masks are an amazing gift for any male or female, especially if they’re in to skin care. At Lush, with $40 you could get about 2-3 masks for them. Masks at Lush typically range between $9.95-14.95.
  • BATH BOMBS: Bath bombs from Lush are probably some of the BEST products to ever buy as a gift for a girl or anyone really, because let’s get real…who doesn’t love a nice, relaxing bath? And this is probably the most perfect place to ever buy them. The selection is HUGE, the purposes within each bath bomb is amazing, and they really are so nice and relaxing to use. They’re so cute and creative. Each bath bomb ranges in size and price, they could go anywhere from $3.95-8.95.
  • Gift Sets: They sell a lot of cool gift sets for about $30, which could include a little bit of everything I just mentioned, and then some. There are ones that include a bath bomb or 2, some soaps, shower gel, etc. They’re all different, and have cute little themes attached to each of them.

5. Makeup

If you know your girlfriend, daughter, sister, etc. loves makeup, then you definitely can’t go wrong here. And I know it may seem hard because there’s so many brands and types of products and it may seem like she has everything already, but that’s okay!! You can always attempt to ask someone close to her that would know the type of makeup she owns and go from there!

If you go on the Ulta and/or Sephora website, they have a tab solely devoted to gift sets, and what’s even better is they have them broken down into price ranges from cheapest to the most expensive and vice versa. I think Sephora’s gift sets are actually my favorites though, because some of them are sets just for different brands of lipsticks, some for highlighters, some for mascaras, and even some for perfumes. I think what’s really cool about these sets is how they combine a bunch of different brands for that product. A lot of the gift sets vary between $20-60, depending on which ones in particular you go for obviously.

6. Pandora Charm Bracelets


This is one of those gifts that’s more on the pricey side, so it could be considered one that you get maybe a serious girlfriend, a best friend, sister or even mother. I got my mom one of these last year for her Christmas/Birthday gift and it’s cute because after you get the bracelet you can just add as  many cute charms as you want, or keep it simple with one or two special charms on it.

It really depends on which bracelet you get in particular, but they can range anywhere from $50 to $100 or so. I think the one I got my mom was a sterling silver one with a pandora rose heart clasp, which came out to about $80.

The different types of charms they have are really adorable as well, for different occasions, characters, zodiac signs, holidays, etc. All of the charms range from about $20 to over $100, again, depending on the specific type(s) you get.

7. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera

I really think this would make an amazing gift for anyone, male or female. It’s cute, kind of old-school and a fun way to take pictures and have little keepsake photos in the matter of like 5 minutes!!


On Amazon you could get one of these in pretty much any color for about $70.

There are different types of film you could buy in the sense of how the pictures print out, like an all-white border, a multi-colored one, or a patterned one. Film can obviously get a bit pricey, especially if you buy the boxes individually. One twin box roughly comes out to be about $14.88 on Amazon, and gets you 10 pictures per film (so 20 altogether). So what I normally try to do is go for the value packs that Amazon also sells; they’re more expensive but I think they’re worth it. For $45.99 you can get 3 twin packs, which come with 2 in each box, and will get you a total of 60 pictures. Now it depends on the person and how often or not they end up using this, but I think this will last anyone a pretty large amount of time to get through, so they should be good for a while.

8. Gift Cards


People say that gift cards are impersonal, and maybe to an extent I can see how they are, but at the same time, who cares? If you’re really struggling to buy something for someone because they’re super picky or their style/interests are a a bit all over the place, go for a gift card!!! Get them a gift card to their favorite store, theater, restaurant, etc. Sometimes I’d rather do that and know they’ll get something they really want and love then me just guessing and getting them something they’ll probably never wear or use. Gifts cards obviously could be for anyone, and also, they can either be used as gifts or stocking stuffers!

9. Shoes

A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes, whether cute, comfortable, or realistic because of the Wintery weather around this time of year (especially if you live in New York).

My top two recommendations for this time of year that would make perfect gifts for girls are:

  • Uggs– because who doesn’t love to have their feet ridiculously warm and comfortable throughout the crazy cold times that come with Winter? Especially with all the different types of styles and colors they have. From the regular type of uggs styles to their cute little moccasins, what girl wouldn’t love a pair of these? Obviously depending on the type of style you get them would depend on how much you pay for them, but they range anywhere from about $100 to over $300.
  • Hunter Boots- These are a great pair of boots for not only the rain, but also for the snow and slush. They’re great quality, heavy duty, and definitely a go-to when it comes to crappy weather like I just mentioned. They range from about $110 to over $150 on the Hunter Boot’s website. .

* * * * * * * *


Shopping for guys is always the most tough for me personally. But mainly like shopping for my boyfriend; when it comes to my dad and brother its a lot easier for some reason. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3-years now, and every year I struggle to an extent with shopping for him. I know he’ll love anything I get him, but it’s just difficult every year for some reason. So I get how/why other people might find it difficult to shop for guys his age too. That being said, I asked him to help me out with this portion and give me his opinion on what he thinks would make good gifts for guys.

  1. Clothes

Clothes are probably one of the easiest options for girls to go with for guys. So long as you know their styles and sizes obviously, you can’t go wrong here. Some stores in particular Diego recommended that would be good for this are Uniqlo, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Century 21, and Barney’s. Plus, these stores are great and notorious for throwing sales this time of year. And, if your boyfriend, brother, or friend is the type that likes designer clothes, a lot of these stores are perfect for that as well because they’re department stores that carry a TON of well-known designer clothes, for cheaper prices than what they may originally be.

Some clothes in particular that you really can’t go wrong with getting them:

  • T-shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Button-down shirts
  • Slacks
  • Jeans
  • Sweat pants

(To name a few).

2. Cologne

Ladies, another immediate possible go-to gift is cologne. There’s nothing more attractive than a guy that smells good!! More so when you can pick the scent that you think would be perfect for that guy. Personally, one of the things I love most and drives me insane (in a good way) is when my boyfriend wears cologne. With the right outfit, and perfect cologne, ugh SO SEXY.

Believe it or not, Sephora and Victoria Secret are 2 really great places to buy good cologne for guys. Sephora, just like with the makeup portion I mentioned earlier, does great gift set samplers for guys which is something that goes for about $65, and has 12 different samples of cologne from a bunch of different designer brands, so there’s a huge variety in that one set. Sephora Cologne Gift Set . One of my personal favorite colognes that Diego will wear a lot that smells AMAZING is Victoria Secret Very Sexy For Him cologne. There is something about the scent that lingers and drives me crazy whenever he wears it. This cologne retails for about $55 in store. Very Sexy For Him Cologne .

3. Sneakers/Shoes

What guy doesn’t love sneakers? Even if they don’t consider themselves “sneaker-heads,” this is definitely top 3 perfect gifts for a guy. A guy can never have too many sneakers, just as girls can never have too many pairs of shoes.

(This portion is completely up Diego’s alley, so he recommended every single thing I’m going to mention)

The sneakers I’m going to mention are some that Diego suggests based on comfort and style. Although keep in mind, many of these options are going to be a bit on the pricey side, so again, this may be one of those gifts that you get a boyfriend, brother, or best friend maybe. There are three options in particular that he loves and recommends the most.

  • Adidas Ultra Boost Running Shoes and Adidas NMD_R1 Primeknit Shoes– They are two different types of sneakers, but have very similar concepts to them in the way they were created, their styles, and how they feel on. They have extremely similar designs to them, and they both pretty much feel the same when wearing them. The amount of comfort you feel when they’re on is amazing, it’s literally like you’re walking on clouds. If you’re looking for a sneaker that is both stylish and comfortable, this would be ideal for that. Not to mention there are a huge variety of styles and colors that these come in. Both these sneakers range between $170 and $180. Adidas NMDs , Adidas Ultra Boosts
  • Nike Flyknits– These sneakers are really good because they have this durable flyknit material around the shoe that doesn’t make it feel too lose or fragile to wear and because of that, the sneakers are super comfortable. It’s a pair of sneakers that doesn’t make you feel like your toes are pressed together or uncomfortably forces your foot to stay molded into the shoe for the whole day. These retail for about $150 depending on where you get them in particular. 

4. Hair Products


If the guy your buying for is the type that really likes and cares about his hair, then you’ll be golden buying him some type of hair product. Of course it would depend on how exactly they take care of their hair and what kind of products in particular they tend to use, but if and when you know that, it’ll be easy to find something for him.

One big recommendation I have for this is shopping at Birchbox, this is a great place for buying things like that. They’re selection is HUGE and they have products for all types of styles and hair types. Birchbox Men Hair Products .

What’s even better is that at this store, if you see something you may think would be good for the guy you’re buying for, but not completely sure if he’ll like it, there are 2 possible options for that; 1. They allow you to take samples of the product to try out and see if you like it, so you could get a sample for the guy, see if he likes it, and if he does go back and buy him the full-sized product, or 2. buy the full-sized product for him, and if at any time he realizes he doesn’t like it, you can bring it back (almost whenever) and they’ll take it back and let you exchange it for something else you may want.

5. Headphones

Although this is obviously something that isn’t particular to guys, I think this would make a great gift for them or anyone really. You can never go wrong with buying someone a great pair of headphones. This is something that would ALWAYS make a great gift for anyone.

Two great recommendations I have for this (although they both are pretty pricey) would be:

  • Apple AirPods which retail for about $159 AirPods
  • Powerbeats3 Wireless headphones which retail between $130 and $160 depending on where exactly you get them from. Powerbeats3 Wireless

Little side-note: Both of these headphones are also really great and come in handy if the person you’re buying them for just so happens to workout a lot. 

* * * * * * * *

Stocking Stuffers:


  1. Nail Polishes: If your girl is the type that loves taking care of her nails and collecting nail polishes, then this is definitely something that would make a great and cute stocking stuffer for her. KL Polish , has a great selection of colors, each individual polish goes for $8.50 on their website. Essie is another great nail polish brand, , that has great quality polishes and a HUGE range of colors; each of which retails for $8.50 as well. And finally, OPI, . There are other nail polish brands out there obviously, but these are definitely my top 3 that I recommend.
  2. Cute, Fuzzy Socks: Honestly, I feel like cute, fuzzy socks would make perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for anyone. Target is doing this thing now where they’re selling sets of 12 socks in all different kinds of colors, patterns, themes, etc. for the 12 days of Christmas and its the cutest thing!! There are winter/Christmas themes, Disney theme, etc. , even though the link and page itself may say for women, I think they could definitely be seen as unisex.


Then there are places like Burlington and Kohl’s who are selling super cute and comfy slipper socks for like $15 each.

3. Lottery Tickets (Scratch-off ones): I know this one may look or seem a little weird, but these are cool little stocking stuffers for people. Sure it’s like gambling, but it’s a fun, easy way to help other people get a few extra bucks in cash (sometimes). With $5, you can get someone 5 scratch offs and they could possibly even win double that. When my brother and I were younger (and even now sometimes), my parents would get us a few of them and slip them into our stockings. Nothing crazy, just the $1 or $2 ones, and if we won, we won, if we didn’t that was fine too, it was always fun for us to do on Christmas Eve.


4. Candy: If you know someone’s favorite candy, go to Target and/or Walmart and try finding their favorite candy in a little pack or box. This makes for a great stocking stuffer for anyone really, whether they’re a sweet, sour or chocolate person, who doesn’t love a little sugar on Christmas?

* * * * * * * *

Well, that’s pretty much all I’ve got for you guys and this post. I really hope you enjoyed it and that it helped some of you guys out in some type of way.

I also hope that everyone enjoys and has a great holiday with their family, friends, significant others, or whoever it is you guys will be with. Merry Christmas and enjoy! ❤


– Xoxo, Leo Girl ❤