So yesterday (10-9-17) I was at work, and I was thinking to myself about how from the very beginning of starting my blog, I wanted to be able to incorporate photography into it. Whether it was my personal photos that I would upload or other peoples’ pictures that I would see and want to talk about to some degree. So I figure this could be a tab for that. Now, keep in mind some of the pictures I’ll be putting up may be a little old, but nonetheless I’m going to be posting and speaking about a ton of different things that has to do with photography. And I’ll also do my best to put dates for when I took or found the pictures, and captions to give you guys more insight into the photo itself. So hope you guys enjoy this new little segment to the blog that I’m adding! 🙂

A lot of the first couple of pictures I’m going to post are old, framing from anywhere between a max of about 4 years ago, to as early as the past few months. In my last semester of college, I took a photography class that I absolutely LOVED, which was really just all about taking pictures, learning how to take pictures, the different settings in the camera, etc. so many of them were also from that, old assignments of mine. I’ve ALWAYS loved taking pictures, not of myself so much as everything else surrounding me, and this Photojournalism class I took just intensified that more so.

I’m going to figure out what’s the exact name of the camera I have and when I do I’ll mention it down below in case you guys are curious, or like the quality of the pictures and such and want to know what kind of camera I have. I have 2 cameras (and working on getting a third soon) I know one of them is a Canon, but I’m not sure the specific name or model of it. And I also have a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera (Pink).

So here we go, lets get started:


A picture I got taken of me during the summer right before I started my senior year of high school, so August 2012. This was actually taken in the front yard of my godmother’s house near West Nyack.


Well the date is on there for this one, which is pretty cool lol. But this is my brother and I, and was actually taken in Madame Tussauds, in Times Square (the wax museum). I just think it’s a really cool picture, clearly we’re amazingly professional anchors.



I have a thing for butterflies and butterfly pictures. I just think they’re such naturally beautiful and delicate creatures. The colors, patterns, designs, whatever it is you want to consider, on their wings, is just insane. And how big of a variety of them there are in the world is beautiful. I mean granted, I would probably freak out a bit if one of them ever landed on me, but I would no doubt get as close to them as possible for the sake of nice pictures of them!


This is really nothing special, I just really like the colors in the picture and the way the balloons are posed altogether. This was a picture from my 19th birthday BBQ in 2014.


This is my boyfriend. I took this while we were on our first vacation together in Cancun, Mexico in July 2015. I love the colors in the picture. The way he’s laying, he obviously had no idea I was taking this, so it was not posed at all, purely natural. Oh and I know he has a pillow on him, but I swear he wasn’t naked under lol.


This is another picture of our 2015 Mexico trip. From the beginning of our trip, we had wanted to add a bit of history and culture into it, so we ended up deciding to go to Chichen Itza, which is one of the 7 wonders of the world and was just really cool in itself. It’s pretty much a complex of Mayan ruins on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. It really is a sight to see. And while you’re going around the entire vicinity with your tour guide, the people of Chichen Itza have a ton of shops and vendors surrounding it all, which was where I got to take this picture at. The three monkeys are supposed to be embodying the proverbial principle “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.


This is my little baby Spencer!! D: You guys will probably end up seeing a lot of him in these pictures (or future videos) because I just love him so much, and he’s the cutest little fatest thing ever ❤ ! He does the funniest things for a cat, and is one of my favorite subjects to always capture on camera lol.


This was actually one of the photos I used in an assignment for that photography class I mentioned. It’s my attempt at a ‘Rule of Thirds’ picture. Using the Rule of Thirds means that the subject isn’t centered in the image, which is how many new photographers frame their shots. Instead, the main focal point is a bit off to one side. “Using the rule of thirds draws the viewer’s eye into the composition, instead of just glancing at the center.” It’s not the BEST example of it, but I tried.


This is an obvious picture of a birthday cake. It was actually for my dad’s birthday last year (2016). Funny little background story for this one, the days leading up to my dad’s birthday my professor from my photography class had spoken to us about how taking the “perfect blowing out of the candles” picture is probably one of the HARDEST pictures to EVER capture on camera. So I thought about that a lot and thought I would put it to the test for my dad’s birthday, and so I took my camera and put it on the continuous shooting setting and took a bunch of pictures of him blowing out his candle (I’ll insert the rest of them later), and this is what I got.





All four of those images were also ones that were used in an assignment for my photography class. Valentine’s Day was approaching, and so my professor had us go out and pretty much take pictures of anything/everything we thought really represented the day, and so these are just a few of the pictures that I took and liked the most. (That’s my mom in the second picture btw).


Yes, this is a picture of me. This was also a picture for an assignment of mine. I don’t remember the EXACT assignment, like what exactly we had to capture, but I’m pretty sure it was something along the lines of capturing ourselves in our natural element, things that we enjoy and could really represent us in a picture. So, this was one of the pictures I took and chose to use for it. If you REALLY know me, or even if you don’t now you do, I LOVE makeup, it’s literally one of my favorite things in the world. Now, whether or not I’m any good at it is another story, but nonetheless lol.

October 12, 2017.

The dates I put up like I just did right above, which would be today’s date, are not the exact date of me taking the pictures, they’re simply for you guys to know whenever I put new ones up; to distinguish between the old ones and new ones. Under the description of each picture however, I will do my best to put the date (or estimated date) of each picture. Also, I probably should have put them in like date order, but being that there are so many, it would take me FOREVER to do.


This is a picture I took this past March on campus where I went to school. My professor had sent us out to walk around campus and take pictures of different sculptures and such we found on campus. While I was walking around, I turned and looked at the sky and just found it really pretty. (Fun Fact: I’m obsessed with Sunsets, Sunrises, and any time the sky is just nice, different colors for one reason or another).



One thing I always really liked about my school (SUNY Purchase College) was how it was an art school. People could say what they want about the type of people that were on campus (how they were outcasts, weird, etc.) but these kids were freakin talented for real. Almost everywhere you went on campus there was some type of art around like these for instance.



IMG_6479 (1)

If I remember correctly, this was the first major snow storm of the year last Winter, so for our assignment, my professor wanted us to capture/document it. So these were just a few of the images I chose to use for my assignment. There was just something about the lighting and colors that I REALLY liked about it.


This is my neighbor’s dog Blu. I absolutely LOVE this picture. I really don’t think there’s a stronger adjective for me to use to describe how I feel about this picture… I mean c’mon. I really didn’t think it was going to come out is good as it did, I was just taking random pictures of him and my surroundings for another photography assignment, and it turned out a million time better than I ever thought. Also, seriously….just look at that face!! I can never look at this picture and NOT smile. This was taken last Winter.


This was an image for my final project of the semester with this photography class. My memory sucks lol, so again, I don’t really remember what exactly the original assignment was, but I do know he said we can connect it to our senior projects if we wanted to. And for those of you who didn’t know, I did my entire senior project on the South Bronx and how much it’s changed over the years from how it once used to be (although I’m sure people feel otherwise about it). So this was one of the shots from my project, this is actually on the street corner where I live.




This is my boyfriend again. I actually took these pictures during his birthday weekend (April 2017). This was the day before his actual birthday (April 8th), I took him to this beautiful restaurant called Molos in New Jersey. Beautiful, romantic, right on the water, and overlooking the city. Obviously he’s one of my favorite subjects to capture on camera lol.

IMG_6626 (1)

IMG_6634 (1)

These are just a few more shots from that same day (April 8th), but inside the actual restaurant. Believe me, I had a million others shots too, but I didn’t want to flood the page with just that lol. These were some of my favorites though.


This was probably my favorite shot of the entire night honestly. Being able to see the city completely lit up from across the river was truly breath taking. I mean yeah walking around the city you see all the lights and stuff up front, but seeing it from a distance like that really was beautiful. This shot doesn’t even look real to me, the quality and colors of it look fake, as if it were a painting or something, but it hasn’t at all been touched or edited in any way.







This was just a day in April that my boyfriend and I were randomly walking all over Soho and decided to take pictures of our surroundings.


This is my cousin’s dog Lincoln. He’s so cute and fluffy!!!!




These are a few more shots from my final photography project on the South Bronx.






Other than my final project of the semester, I think this was my favorite assignment from that class. It was a sports assignment, so we pretty much had to go out and find someone or a group of people part-taking in a certain sport (preferably an interesting one to get good action shots from) and capture them practicing/playing. I chose boxing, and once again, this is my boyfriend lol. (Hey don’t judge, I used his talents for my advantage to get good grades on my assignments). Yes, my boyfriend boxes, and I think he’s great at it, so of course I chose him as my subject. Also, no one in my class thought to do boxing  because they thought it would be hard to get good action shots, which it was in a way, but I had my camera on the rapid shooting setting again so I could get the motion of him hitting the bags each time and not miss anything. (My professor’s favorite shot from them all was the third one btw.)


This was one of my roommates, Amalia! I love her, she’s so cute lol. This assignment had something to do with nature, capturing people in their natural habitats/their day to day lives. And she’s so down to earth and free-spirited that I figure I use her as my subject for this. (Fun Fact although totally unrelated: This was also the day that I picked up my cap and gown, so that was exciting and fun.)






This was during the 4th of July this past Summer. This was also the weekend of mine and my boyfriend’s 3-year anniversary. I was with my boyfriend and our friend Genaro, and it was funny because we weren’t even supposed to be there seeing the fireworks. Originally, we wanted to go to Brooklyn Bridge Park to watch them but we ended up leaving a little too late, and when we finally got to the bridge, they had started sending people away and closing the bridge down I guess for the fireworks, which we had no idea was going to happen. So we were super bummed (or more so I was) because we had gone all the way over there, and we had never done that before where we went to the city to attempt to see the fireworks close up. So we were scrambling trying to figure out what to do, where to go to see them, and then my boyfriend actually thought to go here.It was a cute little park by the water in the Lower East Side. And just to let you guys know, I’m THAT type of weirdo/crazy person, where if I like something and think that it’s a nice picture of something, I will take a million different pictures of that one thing, and if I love 50 of them and they all look the same, i’ll still end up keeping the majority of them lol. And clearly that’s what I did here, although I tried to mix it up as much as possible to show different colors and patterns in the fireworks.

IMG_8611 (1)

This is the last picture I have for you guys for today. And it’s actually the most recent one out of them all. It was taken on September 30th. This was the weekend my godsister Leani slept over; she lives in Brooklyn and has been to the city a few times, but never REALLY explored it. So my boyfriend and I thought it would be cool to take her around and sight see a bit. So this was the first place we took her to, to see the 9/11 memorial and the Oculus. It was actually my first time going inside the Oculus too which was pretty cool.