Making The Most Out of a Bad Situation

By now it’s been about 2 weeks since all of the craziness that’s gone on in the Bronx and circulated pretty much all of the local news outlets on a constant loop. I, originally, was not at all going to speak on this, which I know a ton of people have been saying constantly lately, but I most definitely was not. For those of you that don’t know, this blog has always been a space for me to be as open, honest and creative as I’d like, BUT, when it comes to crazy, controversial topics like the stuff that’s gone on in the Bronx, I prefer to steer clear of it altogether. Not because I’m scared of sharing my opinion, but because I don’t like to speak on things that I don’t have all of the facts on. I find that most people who do that end up making themselves look dumb, and I’m not about that. That being said, I’m not going to directly speak about the events that occurred in the Bronx recently, but I am going to indirectly refer to it and give my general thoughts on what happened, how it made me feel, what’s next, etc.

* * * * * *

I’ve never been one to hate or be ashamed of where I come from (the South Bronx), in fact, I’ve actually always been proud to tell people that that’s where I’m from, in spite of all the negative things people tend to say and think about it. My thought has always been that there are good and bad places everywhere. Good and bad things that happen everywhere. Good and bad people everywhere, it’s almost inevitable, and I had grown up here in the South Bronx where things like gang violence, shootings, etc. happened on a regular basis.

I was always a firm believer that even though the South Bronx has its rough edges, as a whole, it’s come SO far from where it once was 10, 20, even 30 years ago. Hell, I was so passionate about that that I wrote my entire senior project in college about that; a 10,000+ word, 30 page paper/story on just exactly that (which I got an A on btw 😉 ) because I was determined to make a point. As a whole, the Bronx has made SO many positive changes in an effort to make it a better place. But I guess sometimes it’s true what people say, that the more things change, the more they stay the same…

* * * * * *

It’s not at all a secret the events that have occurred here in the Bronx recently, so much so that a lot of it has actually gone global. And from what I’ve been seeing and hearing, a lot of people are upset and annoyed because they’re questioning why everyone seems so surprised about the events that have occurred, as if any of this is anything new. Like these things in the Bronx haven’t ALWAYS been happening, and you know what? They are 100% right, it’s nothing new, and nothing that a lot of us have not seen and/or heard before, but that reasoning or “excuse” will NEVER make things like what’s happened okay.

It’s so much bigger THIS TIME because of all of the graphic pictures and videos that have been shared non-stop on not just one or two, but ALL social media outlets. It was 1000 times MORE publicized then your average news coverage stories that you see on Fox 5 News @10 every night.

Kids and people in general are scared to come outside because of how publicized these things have been and never knowing what’s going to happen after they leave the comforts of their own homes. I know I personally felt like that the past two weeks. I don’t think my anxiety had ever been so high before. I was paranoid all of the time; on the trains, walking near some people, walking home by myself at night, etc. I had a panic attack at LEAST 3 times that week because of it all. And to some, that may be silly or stupid, especially since I was born and raised in this city, but I think it’s a legitimate fear especially with how frequent these incidences were occurring and how close to home they were. No one should have to live their life like that. I am 1000% a believer of not living life in fear, because doing that is only going to make you miss out on things that life has to offer you, but this was a whole other level, as we all witnessed.

What has our world truly come to when there are grown ass men (and women) out here preying on kids? Not only that, but kids out here killing kids, ACTING like their grown. And for what? Because they were being bothered by them? For superiority purposes? To make some sort of statement and put fear into the eyes of other kids and their families? As a community, we’ve got to do better. In recent years, and months even, there have been more parents having to bury their kids then the other way around, and it NEEDS to stop. All of these fake thugs wandering around the streets jumping and killing people for absolutely no reason. People really need to learn that not everything needs a reaction, and sometimes you really just have to let shit go because it’s not worth losing your life over, or someone you care about.

People really think that it’s all fun and games being out in the streets, doing the crazy shit they do…..until they get caught and arrested. Then what? Who’s going to be there for you when you’re locked up and don’t have anywhere to go or anyone to turn to?

But to the same extent you almost can’t blame some of these kids (not fully anyway), because it all starts at home. Who’s around them. What they’re seeing. What they’re parents are allowing, what these people are bringing around them, etc., the list can go on and on. These people/kids also turn to the streets seeking some sort of comfort and entertainment that they’re not receiving at home or otherwise. I’ve seen it in SO many kids for years working at the after-school/summer camp that I did, and it is SO sad because these kids would much rather spend their time out in the streets with their “friends”, doing absolutely nothing productive as opposed to actually trying to make something of themselves and their future.

Personally, I would never use that as an excuse, because if I were to be brought up in a shitty environment, with shitty parents, no money, etc., that would only motivate the crap out of me to do and want better for not only myself, but also my future family. And I’m not at all trying to downplay it, because I know for a fact that it wouldn’t be easy, but at least you would do the smart thing which is to be above all of the BS that you went through and see around you.

* * * * * *

I’ve got to believe for my own sanity that change is possible. It can and will happen; it’s going to take time, but it will. We need to make a SERIOUS change, mainly in the way these kids are brought up nowadays because they are the future. Kids nowadays are constantly isolating themselves indoors on their cell phones, Ipads, tablets, etc. wasting their youth away. They should be outside experiencing parks, camps, museums, actual HUMAN INTERACTION, ANYTHING that is going to be entertaining and beneficial to them later on in life and keeps them off the streets getting themselves into trouble.

Times like these always makes me reflect on my life and the people around me. It really puts things into perspective that nothing in life is guaranteed tomorrow, not even your own life. It shouldn’t take things like this to happen for you to be grateful, but it’s almost like another one of those inevitable things that tends to happen. Be grateful for everything and everyone in your life today. Give your loved ones a hug and kiss and tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you. Don’t take things for granted. Don’t go to bed upset. Do things that make you happy. Right the wrongs in your life at the moment, because life is way too short and precious to let it pass you by with nothing to show for it and have petty things ruin it.

In times like these it really does take a village to make change happen. And as cliche as it sounds, we need to be the change that we wish to see in the world. It starts with us. The Bronx is NOT a bad area, it’s the people in it that are making it bad, and this change will only happen if we continue to band together the way that we have been doing during recent events. What we were all able to accomplish when we came together for a common goal in recent events was truly amazing; imagine what else we all could do if we continued to work together at other common goals, and that is NOT limited to just making a change in the Bronx.

Take what’s happened and use it as motivation to humble yourself, be grateful for everything you have RIGHT NOW, and try doing something to help out in making a difference for the future. You never know what you would be able to do or start on your own, or with other people.

-Xoxo, Leo Girl ❤

On The Menu Today: Mottley Kitchen!

Hey Guys, Happy Friday! 🙂

Today’s post is going to be the first of many that come your way in the future that’s related to FOOD. I mean who doesn’t love food right? I know I definitely do, especially when it comes to finding and trying different spots and restaurants.

Diego and I tend to go out to eat A LOT, but don’t usually like to go to the same places over and over again unless we REALLY love it. So, because of this, we’re constantly finding new places to go and try out. It’s great because some are fancy, some are low-key, some we find hidden around the streets of New York, and some we don’t look for at all and just kind of stumble upon while on our walks around the city. We always get a ton of questions about the places we go from people whenever we post about it on Instagram or Snapchat, so I figure, why not make a new segment out of it? I want this to be the type of thing where I talk about the location, scenery, food itself obvi, and our general thoughts on the place, so that’s what this will be.

* * * * * *

As I said, Diego and I don’t typically repeat going to certain places unless we REALLY love it, so why not start off with a place that falls into that category? The place I’m talking about is called Mottley Kitchen! It’s a nice, new, cute little cafe located in East 140th Street in the Bronx (New York).

IMG_0462I’m not going to lie, when Diego first came to me and told me about this place and how good it was, I was definitely on the fence about it, because I was like honestly how good is this place REALLY when it’s not exactly in the best area of the Bronx? But let me tell you now….I was definitely pleasantly surprised and this has quickly become one of my FAVORITE places to go over the weekends to just chill get a coffee and pastry and get some blog work done.

Recently, Diego and I got a chance to sit down with the owners of the cafe, Kat and David, to chat and ask them a couple of questions about who they are as people, how they got started, etc. And one of the things we love about this place is how friendly and down-to-earth they (the owners and staff) are. We’ve exchanged a few words with them here and there in the past few months, but this was the first full-on conversation we had with them, and it just solidified our original positive thoughts about them and their business as a whole.

* * * * * *

The Owners:

The owners of the cafe are actually a young, married couple named David and Katherine, who are originally both from North Carolina (him from Charlotte, her from Raleigh). They moved to New York in 2015 after Katherine received a job offer to work at a restaurant in the city. After a few years of living in the Upper East Side, they realized they wanted and needed a bigger living space for not only themselves, but also to (possibly) expand their family one day, which is how they ended up in the South Bronx.


David says they had pretty much looked all over New York for a new place to live, then they read up on a few things about the Bronx that interested them which was what prompted them to make the decision to move here. “It was a rich cultural neighborhood, and just an actual neighborhood feel in general. So from that we just started visiting and checking out a lot of the nearby places like the Bronx Brewery and La Morada, just kind of feeling everything out,” he said. “Then we found the place we’re at now and just realized it was a great fit, not only were we getting the bigger space that we wanted, but also the neighborhood sort of feel that we had been searching for.”

They’re also definitely no strangers to hearing the negative remarks that comes along with seeing and/or visiting the South Bronx, but they try not to let it phase them. “I think the area from what we’ve briefly seen and heard, still obviously has its rough edges, but there’s so many other great things about this area that almost makes those rough edges not even matter,” says David. “Like when we first moved in, within a week we had already known ALL of our neighbors and everyone was so friendly around us; we had spent 4 years in a walk-up on the Upper East Side and didn’t know or really speak to ANYBODY. Now we come here and everyone immediately accepts us as the ‘white people’ moving into their neighborhood, it just says a lot about them (in a good way).”

In meeting all of these people, they feel like they’ve created a sense of community, and now with the cafe they’ve created, they hope that that feeling is only going to continue to grow more.

* * * * * * * *


About the cafe:

Which brings us now to the cafe itself.

Their main reason for wanting to have this space, aside from loving to be able to serve people, was because two years ago WAY before they opened, they were going around the Bronx and noticed that there really wasn’t a good hangout cafe spot in the area where people could go work, get a good cup of coffee and just hang out with some friends.

Which they don’t at all throw any type of shade at the nearby bodegas and their coffee, but they know their coffee isn’t exactly great quality.


“It’s something we definitely try to be attentive to, is how do we operate our business in a way that’s good for us AS a business, but also for the community and to better it?,” says David.

It was also a way for David to help Katherine live out one of her dreams. “I think it’s always been Katherine’s dream to be able to own/run a small cafe, and to be a ‘shop girl’,” says David. “But I don’t think she ever envisioned it being this big or having so many different facets to it.”

Which is where the name Mottley came from. “It’s a lot of different things out of one space, it’s like a diverse group of things or kind of like a ‘haj-paj’ if you will,” says David. “And that’s where the name Mottley derived from, because not only is this neighborhood like a diverse neighborhood, but we hope to kind of like offer a haj-paj of things when you come here; good food, a good place to sit and eat, a good place to have events, do catering, etc.”

David explained to me that before they had the idea to open a coffee shop, they were really only looking for a space for Katherine to run her catering business in. “Katherine had been renting one of those incubator spaces in the city at an hourly rate for a while, it was super expensive and just got to a point where it made sense for her to try to find her own little space,” he said. “When we moved to the Bronx was when she finally realized and made it clear that she didn’t want to work out of those little kitchens anymore, which was when and how we found this place; someone showed us the space and we were just like whoa….*laughs*, MUCH bigger than a ‘little kitchen’.”


Alas came the idea of creating the cafe itself! “We figure, ‘alright well if we’re going to take this, we can also build it into a cafe with all the space we’re going to have,'” says David.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I was definitely interested in knowing about the work dynamic they have being that they are a couple, since I know it can be the sort of thing where it might be a conflict of interest at times mixing business with pleasure.

They were also obviously no strangers to hearing and/or experiencing this kind of thing themselves. “We’ve actually seen a lot of negative experiences with couples and families who have worked together. There was this job I had while I was in Raleigh working at a mom and pop coffee shop, and you could tell automatically that they just did NOT get along,” says David. “Katherine’s had a similar experience where she worked in a kitchen that was family-owned, and there was just all this tension you could feel among the family, so we try to be very careful with that.”

He went on to explain that it’s almost inevitable for work to come home with them most times, but they’re very careful in making sure there’s no tension between them and talking out anything and everything right there and than to avoid any of that possibly happening.

As for any particular visions and/or themes they wanted to follow through with for creating the cafe, its layout, or the menus, they both agreed they really didn’t have any ONE particular thing in mind. They did, however, do a lot of looking around, grabbing inspiration from some of their personal favorite food and coffee shops, as well as, of course, going through Pintrest a bit. “Overall it was extremely budget focused, we pretty much did what we could on the budget we had and everything else kind of just sprung out of that,” said Katherine.

Katherine said she’s probably spent about a decade swooning over places she’s loved, the things they serve, etc. so when they finally got to open their OWN place, they grabbed a lot of inspiration from that. “When we go to a bakery or order food at a restaurant, we always get like five different things for the two of us,” she said. Ultimately, they grabbed a lot of their favorite things that they would love to eat from other places, and not only made it their own, but BETTER. “The primary backbone to building up Mottley was locally sourced farm to table, beautifully plated, type of cuisine,” she says.

* * * * * *

Coffee, Food & Pastries:

When creating the menu along with the cafe in general, as previously mentioned, they took a lot of inspiration from some of their favorite places, and really just wanted to enhance it in their own way to make it better. “I remember thinking I definitely want to have a coffee cake, a certain type of muffin, a really delicious kind of egg sandwich, and a biscuit so that we could bring a little bit of the southern side to it,” says Katherine.

Originally, they didn’t even actually have a menu when they first opened back in December! “We didn’t really know what to serve, we wanted to be able to serve things that people were going to WANT to come and eat,” said Katherine. “When we first opened, all we had were baked goods and coffee, so when people would come in I would ask them, ‘what do you want to eat for lunch?’ and someone said ‘I love bowls,’ so that’s where the idea of bowls came from.” Ultimately, they truly fed off of the opinions and feedback of their customers.

Who doesn’t love a good coffee, egg sandwich and/or baked good? ESPECIALLY on a cheat day?! I know I do! Diego and I literally come here every Saturday for AT LEAST 2-3 hours to just hang out, catch up on some work and check out the latest baked good that was added to the menu.

Katherine pretty much bakes everything from scratch in house, except for the challah rolls and sour dough, which they get from Harper’s Kitchen in Harlem, which is an old space that Katherine actually used to work out of.

She believes that she’s more of a baker than a cook though. “I definitely have more experience as a baker, I cook a lot of like vegetables and other stuff for me and David, but I don’t really have any professional experience as a cook,” she says.

And let me tell you, she’s definitely talented at what she does. Personally, I’m SUCH a picky eater, so I immediately gravitated towards anything chocolate related and of course the bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, but pretty much everything non-chocolate and bacon, egg, and cheese-related that I’ve tried here, I ended up loving.

I DO, however, stick to what I know a lot, so when you come check them out, be SURE to try their brown butter chocolate chip cookies and/or their brownies….you will NOT be disappointed (shown below).



Mine and Diego’s absolute FAVORITE drink to get from here thus far is the Vanilla Bean Latte. It’s not too strong, and not too sweet (I personally think). It’s just right (shown above).



* * * * * *

Events & Activities:

I think what makes Mottley even better is the variety of events and activities that they hold there. There’s live music instead of your typical radio/constant loop playlist (although they do use a radio, but even the music they play on there is not your typical Kanye, Rihanna, Ariana Grande music), there’s story-time for kids, and Empanada night (to name a few).

For the sake of not making this SUPER long (longer than what it may already be), I’m just going to go in depth with 2 of their events/activities.

They have all sorts of performers from DJs to live singers/rappers and poets, that come on certain Saturdays throughout each month. And I think what’s so unique about them is that the music that’s played is either personal stuff that they’ve written or old-school stuff with a twist to it. It’s something that you really don’t see in other restaurants and/or coffee shops, and personally, I love that.

As for how exactly they go about picking people to be able to perform, David says they really don’t have a specific process or system for picking people. “At the moment it’s really just anyone that we can get to come in,” he says. “We did some small marketing for anyone that wanted to be able to perform, some signs outside, posts on Instagram, etc. and then if we heard about anyone that had musical talent we would be like ‘hey, come by!'”

For the time being anyone who does come in to perform are doing it for free, but they hope to be able to change that. “Eventually we want to be able to set up a program where when and if we get bigger, it’ll be more beneficial to not only us, but them as well,” says David.

Another event they tend to do on Saturdays is story-time for kids.


David said that this woman named Rebecca came into the cafe one day while they were merchandising, saw their shelves, and asked about possibly being able to turn their shelves into somewhat of a library. “Rebecca has her own non-profit called Boogey-Down books, and ultimately, it’s meant to to help with literacy and get kids into reading,” said David. “Then she asked us if it would be okay for her to come in and do a reading every other Saturday, so we said of course!”


Both Katherine and David explained that many of the activities they hold at their cafe have been because they (the people who end up being in charge of them) actually approach THEM about it. “Some of these people will walk-in, see the space and ask us if we ever thought about renting it out for certain little events and we think it’s really cool so we say yes to them,” they said. “They pitch the idea to us and we’re just like ‘yeah, please use our space for your event! *laughs*, and our other customers seem to enjoy it as well, so they will definitely continue to be apart of the business moving forward.”

* * * * * * *

I know blog posts typically tend to be short, sweet and to the point with things, but there are just so many amazing things to be said and known about this place that it’s like how could I NOT make it long and in depth?

At the moment, they’re open Tuesday through Friday from 7:30am-4pm, and Saturdays from 8am-5pm. They’re closed on Sundays and Mondays because ultimately, they do have to make some time for themselves. “I work Monday through Friday, we knew that we wanted to be open on Saturdays, and so for Katherine to have some sort of “weekend” it would have to be Sunday-Monday for us to be closed,” said David. This is likely to change in the future though at some point.

As for any possible future plans of expanding? David says he doesn’t think they would want to have a ton of different locations all over the place, but if the opportunity were to arise to be able to do or open something else in the neighborhood, they would definitely consider that.

They DO, however, have big plans for this current location. The biggest one being to construct and open to the public their rooftop section of the cafe. Although it is still in the beginning stages of research and planning, they hope to be able to create it as a green rooftop. “I’d like to build almost like a rooftop farm up there, try to do fruits, vegetables, and ACTUALLY try to farm stuff up there,” says David.

* * * * * * * *


This is literally like our modern day Central Perk. It’s chill, trendy, friendly people that work there and great quality coffee/food. What more can you ask for? I can only imagine the great things they’re going to be able to accomplish here in the next couple of months and years even. 10/10 recommend for you guys to try it out if you haven’t already.

Go show love and stay tuned to their Instagram page (@mottleykitchen) for any updates on future events, menu items, or plans that they may post about!

*Most of these photos were taken and/or edited by Diego 🙂 *

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for new content that’s going to be coming soon here!

-Xoxo, Leo Girl ❤











All About Me

Hey Guys!

I know it’s pretty early in the day (or at least it is where I’m at on the East Coast), and typically something like this is really only done in YouTube videos for the most part, but I figure it would be a fun little way for you to get to know me a bit. I’m going to attempt to do as many of these as I can. I’m also going to try and make it as interesting as possible as far as the questions, and not have all of them be like super basic ones lol.

Also, before I start, I just wanted to mention about my posts, that I’m not exactly sure when or how often I’ll be posting, because I haven’t come up with a sort of schedule for it yet, but I’m going to try and post as often as I can. It might not be every single day, back to back, like yesterday and today, but if I can do it 3-4 times a week, I think that would be pretty good. Right? I don’t know, I’ll have to figure it out, and when I do, I’ll probably write a post about it updating you guys. But let me stop rambling and get to the point of this post now lol, here we go….

All About Me Tag:

1. My name: Emily Hernandez

2. What does your name mean?: So I had to Google this one, because I never really knew what my name meant, but what came up pretty much is that it’s Latin for industrious; striving.

3. Where are you from?: I’m going to assume this is like a nationality question, so I’ll say that I’m Puerto Rican and Italian.

4. Where do you live?: I live in the South Bronx right now.

5. What do you do for a living?: I just started my first full-time job out of college as a receptionist.

6. Favorite color(s): Red, Purple, and Burgundy. Ignorant people will say that red and burgundy are pretty much the same, but they are not!!! >:[

7. Favorite holiday: Christmas. If you know me, you know I am truly OBSESSED with that holiday lol.

8. Are you competitive?: Not all the time, but I definitely think I can be for certain things.

9. What is on top of your bucket list?: Oh boy, this is probably vague, but honestly it’s just to be able to travel all over the world.

10. What is your biggest accomplishment?: Thus far, as cliche as it may sound, I would say graduating college; and also being blessed to have landed this full-time job within 2 1/2-3 months being out of school.

11. Which of your parents are you more like?: I would have to say my dad, and I would say that sometimes it’s in good ways, and sometimes bad ones.

12. Do you have a best friend, if so, then who? Her name is Michelle 🙂

13. What app do you use most?: I would say it’s a close tie between Instagram and Snapchat.

14. How many relationships have you been in?: Serious ones? Only 2.

15. Do you have pets?: Yes, I have a cat named Spencer ❤ ^_^

16. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Yes, and twice.

17. Do you speak any other languages?: I can speak broken Spanish, if that makes sense. And I know certain phrases and what not in Italian.

18. How many siblings do you have?: 1 brother, Chris.

19. Favorite movie: Ugh, there are SO many, i’ll be here forever naming them. But the Harry Potter Series is definitely up there, any Nicholas Sparks movie, the Twilight series, LOL, etc., etc., (am if I wasn’t basic before, am I there now?).

20. Favorite TV show: Friends and/or Power.

21. What phone do you have?: Iphone 6s, the “rose gold” one.

22. How tall are you?: 5’6″.

23. Can you cook?: I can make a couple different meals for breakfast and dinner, but I’m definitely still learning.

24. What is your middle name?: Caitlyn

25. What is your favorite drink?: I’ve been obsessed with Starbucks coffee lately, particularly an iced caramel macchiato with skim milk.

26. What would you (or have you) name your children? I don’t have any children, but for a girl I absolutely LOVE the name Isabella, and for a boy maybe something like Maison.

27. Have you participated in sports?: I used to play volleyball and softball in high school. Currently, I’ll play basketball with my brother and boyfriend every so often, but that’s about it.

28. On a scale from 1-10, rate your childhood: 5.

29. What is your favorite store?: Oh boy… Victoria Secret, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, H&M, Garage, Barnes and Noble, Fashion Nova, etc. Lol.

30. Did you like school?: This one’s hard. Anyone who knows me knows that I had a very love/hate relationship with school, especially towards the end. (This is definitely a future post I’d like to make to speak more about it and my thoughts on it all).

31. What are some of your favorite YouTubers?: Jaclyn Hill, KathleenLights, Manny MUA, and Amanda Bucci I would say are definitely my top favorites.

32. How long have you known your best friend?: I’ve known her since Freshmen year, but we got close in Sophomore year, so I’ll say 7 years, coming up on 8 soon.

33. What position do you normally sleep in?: Either on my stomach with my face stuffed in my pillow (I know that sounds weird, but no I’m not trying to kill myself), or laying on my right side.

34. Were you part of a clique in high school? I went to an all girls high school, and I don’t really think we had any of that there, unless I was completely oblivious to it. I mean I had my set group of friends that I would be with, and pretty much everyone was like that too, but I don’t know if I would necessarily classify that as having cliques.

35. Have you ever given blood?: I’m Anemic, so I can’t 😦 but I’ve ALWAYS wanted to.

36. Name one movie that made you cry: Marley & Me. It doesn’t matter where I am, how much time has passed since the last time I watched it, or how frequently I watch that movie, I will ALWAYS cry my eyes out like a baby whenever they put Marley down 😥

37. Do you prefer to read poetry, write poetry, or neither?: I’ve tried writing poetry several times before and feel like I suck at it. But recently I’ve really gotten into reading poetry, especially from R.h. Sin. He writes some amazing stuff.

38. Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how? Yes (thanks Chris -_- YA BUM), I’ve broken my left wrist before. It was a long time ago, probably when I was like 8-9 years-old. Long story short, my brother and I were in this park playing on the monkey bars, my brother goes first, and while he’s on it, I decided to tickle him. Now, keep in my mind my brother was always tall, so when I tickled him, and he let go, he landed on his feet with NO problems because his feet were pretty much touching the ground anyway. So then it was my turn, and I was not tall at all lol, so he tickled me back, I fell off the monkey bars landing face first into the floor, landing on my chest, and I guess I thought my hands would stop the fall, because I landed on my wrist too (how it was only my left wrist and not my right one too, I have no idea). So anyway I’m laying there on the floor pretty much dying (from how it felt) because I landed on my chest and the wind was knocked out of me so I couldn’t breathe, and I was trying to let my brother know that, he couldn’t understand me and just thought I was making funny noises, so he was laughing at me the whole time >_>. I finally got my breathe back, stood up, and was walking to my mom ( I still hadn’t realized my wrist was broken), so I’m walking and then my mom starts screaming, “OMG, WHAT HAPPENED?! TAKE HER TO THE HOSPITAL!!,” so I finally looked down, and kinda just saw my wrist dangling, andddddddddd then the pain kicked in. Lol, so yeah that’s how I broke my wrist.

39. What was the last thing you watched on TV?: I’m re-watching the entire Vampire Diaries series, so like episode 3 of that.

40. Do you think you’d make a good parent?: Actually, yes. I love kids, and have worked with them every year since I was 13, they obviously were not my biological kids, but there’s always an attachment that grows between you and them, and I’ve learned a lot about kids, how to deal with them, etc., so I think those experiences will help me later on with my own.

41. When is your birthday?: August 17th; I’m a Leo, hence, my blog name lol.

42. Do you wear glasses, if so for how long?: Yes, I do actually. Since like 2011, though I’ve gotten more used to them than I probably should have, because they were only supposed to be meant for things like reading the boards at school and what not, but I literally wear them all day, everyday now.

43. Why did one of your friendships end? This is a good one actually. I’ve had several friendships that I’ve had to end recently, some of which I’ve had since I was like a baby. And it was some extremely difficult decisions that I had to make, but you know what, I grew up and came to realize that many of these friendships were not only not good for me to keep up, but also way too much work for me to keep up. They became too needy in a sense, and would always expect me to be the one to keep up the friendship by constantly calling and texting them, but I would have a lot going on in my life because I like to keep busy, and they would not only get upset with me, but not at all be understanding with me about any of it. My thought on it is, yes we are friends, and yes of course I’d love to speak to you, but it’s not something that I should have to do every single day, and it shouldn’t always only be me initiating it. Friendship is a two-way street, and we’re all adults here; we’re in relationships, working full-time jobs, busy with other commitments, and if you can’t understand that, as a friend of mine and support it, then maybe we shouldn’t have any type of friendship/relationship at all.

44. Why did your last relationship end?: Because it was toxic, and really messed me up mentally.

45. Are you still figuring out who you are?: Of course. Especially at the age I’m at, I have so many different interests, goals, plans for myself, etc., and think I have an idea of the type of person I want to be in life and what I want to do, but God and life in general works in such mysterious ways, that everything I have in mind for myself could change in an instant. So for now, I’m still figuring things out.

46. When was the last time you laughed so hard? LMAO yesterday at a picture of a fork my boyfriend put up on Snapchat.

47. Where do you go when you’re sad?: I pretty much just stay in my room and isolate myself from everyone.

48. What’s your favorite candle scent? Marshmallow Fireside from Bath and Body works omg.

49. What religion will you raise your children to practice? No religion. I will explain to them that I was brought up Catholic, baptized, confirmed, communion, the whole nine-yards, and explain it all to them thoroughly, but will never try forcing them to be apart of any religion, that’s something they can attempt to decide for themselves.

50. Do you usually remember your dreams in the morning? Not all, but I do definitely tend to remember a lot of them, especially the most strange ones.

51. What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender? Brandon, Nicholas, or Ernest apparently.

52. Would you rather have an American accent or a British accent? British accent, hands down, lmao I’m always attempting to speak in that type of accent regularly.

53. Do you ever dance even if there is no music playing? LMAO yes, my boyfriend finds me so weird because of it.

54. Heels or flats? Flats, but occasionally heels.

55. What movies could you watch over and over and still love? Harry Potter!!!!

56. Are you stubborn? Ridiculously stubborn sometimes lol

57. Are you dating? I’m not dating as in plural, but I am in a relationship.

58. Do you want any tattoos? I want about 5 of them, but they’re all pretty small, nothing huge and crazy.

59. How old do you think you will be when you have your first child? Maybe 24.

60. Are you a risk taker? Very much so lol, it’s a little bad habit sometimes.

Okay this could go on FOREVER, the more I look for questions, the more I find questions I keep wanting to answer so I’m going to end this here. But I hope you guys enjoy this post, and hope you learned a little bit more about me.

Talk to you guys soon!

-Xoxo Leo Girl.