It Was All A Dream

Hi Everybody!

Today’s post is going to be all about this cute, fun little pop-up ‘museum’ that Diego and I went to last weekend completely dedicated to dreams.

I’m sure a lot of you have probably seen and/or heard about the place before through social media, because that’s definitely how I found out and became interested in wanting to go to it. The place I’m talking about is called Dream Machine, which is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I, personally, am REALLY into dreams and everything that surrounds the concepts of dreams. So when I first heard about this pop-up I knew I HAD to make time to go here before it closes. It’s not the type of thing that’s SUPER informative with facts, details, etc., but just the images, backgrounds, and portrayals of each room I thought was really cool and fun.

If you don’t happen to care about any of the general info I’m going to speak about in just a second, feel free to just scroll to the middle of the post to see pictures and get right into what the actual rooms of the place look like!

* * * * * *

General Info on Dream Machine:

It’s not super big and not the kind of thing that you’ll be in for hours, but it’s a fun thing to do on a weekend if you don’t have much to do, and want to take some cool pictures by yourself, with friends, and/or your significant other.

It is a pop-up, which means that it’s not permanent, so it’s only staying open until July 29th. ALTHOUGH it was only supposed to be open until May originally, and then I guess they saw how big of a hit it was, and ended up extending it until July, SO you never know, maybe they’ll extend the running time for it again!

They’re closed Monday through Wednesday, but are open Thursday through Sunday. The only way to be able to get in is to buy your tickets online beforehand. There’s no window you would be able to go to on the day of in person. General admission, per person, is $38, but general admission matinee (Thursday and Friday before 5pm) is $28. It is a bit pricey considering it’s not that big of a place, but if you’re into this kind of thing and being able to take cool pictures, I think it’s worth going at least once.

LETS TALK ABOUT THE AREAAAAAAAA!! It’s located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as I mentioned earlier, and Diego and I fell in LOVE with the area in general. The area is SO cute; little shops, restaurants and taverns, EVERYWHERE. It was super friendly and cozy all around, plus it was right there by the water too, which was really nice.

We got to the place at 1:30pm on the dot, because that’s when our tickets were for, and we probably waited outside for max, 10 minutes. Waiting inside the place to finally go in with our group was another 10-15 minutes, but nothing terrible honestly, unless you’re the impatient type.

If I remember correctly, we were probably in the place for a total of 45 minutes to an hour. Again, as I mentioned, it’s not super big, and I was so into the way all the rooms looked and taking a ton of pictures that I didn’t even pay mind to the time lol.

I had read a lot of mixed reviews on this place primarily because of the staff and being/feeling rushed to go through all of the rooms and not being able to get enough or good pictures/videos, so I was a little nervous about going into this because of that. But, I just want to say right now, that overall I had a GREAT experience. I REALLY wish I had gotten the name of our ‘tour guide’, because she was SO nice and didn’t rush us at ALL. In fact, she specifically told us to take our time and make sure we get all of the pictures, videos and boomerangs that we wanted. She, along with other staff members, even offered to take any and all pictures that we may have wanted.

All of the staff was super friendly and welcoming which is a prime example of why I ALWAYS tell people, don’t listen to reviews you see or hear about online. Make your own judgments on things/places, because you never know, that person could’ve just been a little unlucky and the staff was probably having an off day, it doesn’t mean everyday is going to be like that.

I know that I was a bit nervous going into this because of the things that I read, but I immediately switched my mentality once I got there. I never once felt like the staff was being rude to me or anyone in my group, and they didn’t rush us in the slightest. It was probably some of the friendliest staff I’ve ever encountered at a place like this.

Okay, now let’s get into the actual exciting part of this post, which are the rooms themselves!! 😀

* * * * * *

Keep in mind that the displays of most of the rooms are super simple, but they’re supposed to be fun and what YOU end up making of them all.

Room 1: The Cloud Room, ‘Cloud 9’

I LOVED this room and thought it was an amazing starter for going into this place. I really felt like I was in a dream, with the colors of the lights and clouds hanging all over the place. It was super simple because all it really had were the things that I just mentioned, but I was honestly mesmerized by it, and it definitely ended up being one of my favorite rooms out of them all.




Room 2: The Bubble Room!

This room was cute because I feel like no matter how old you get, bubbles are always weirdly fun. And these bubble were really cool because if you looked at them closely, they were all filled with smoke, so when you popped them smoke would be floating out. I got a ton of cool pictures and boomerangs in this room of the bubbles popping and smoke coming out! This is definitely a cool room to be able to take boomerangs.

BEWARE THOUGH: The floor in this room is slippery, so be mindful of that with the footwear you may have on, especially if you’re anything like me and are clumsy af.



Room 3: The Black & White Room


This was probably the smallest room they had (I had think), space wise. But, I thought it was cool that they incorporated something like this when not only is it a fact that some people only dream in black and white, but it makes you think back to some of your own dreams and try to remember whether you fall into that category or not. The decor they had in this room was really cute for pictures too. Also, I matched with the room completely (totally unplanned haha).

*Fun Fact: I dream in color! 🙂 *


Room 4: The Laundry Room (& SECRET ROOM!!!)

This was definitely another favorite room of mine. I LOVED all of the colors associated with this room; it was colorful and SO fun. One of the best rooms to be able to take cool pictures. It’s supposed to resemble a dry cleaning/laundry mat type of thing. Plus, as soon as you walk in, they hand you free cotton candy!! Now I’m not really one to care for sugar/candy like this, but I thought it was a cute little prop for pictures.


I was SO scared to try sitting in these. If you’re from the Bronx like me, you know that these things are not all the stable to be doing crap like this, so I was scared. But with Diego’s help, I ended up being fine and also being able to take these really cute pictures in the cart and on the washing machine. Plus it was basically empty at this point since we waited for everyone else to take their pictures and go by so there wouldn’t be a ton of people around us, in our pictures and feeling like we had to rush so they could get theirs too.


And then there was the secret room….I thought the way this room was set up, it could’ve been SO cool for pictures, which I obviously got a few, but this was the only room that I actually felt kind of rushed in. Our guide had told us that we really only had 45 seconds to be able to take any sort of pictures and what not in here to be able to let everyone else get a turn in here as well. This was the second smallest room in the entire place, so there wasn’t much moving space. Then there was the fact that you couldn’t touch the stringed, colorful lights, I mean why would you actually have to, but the point is they said that you couldn’t because they were super delicate and could get tangled and/or break. The lights, mirrors and stringed lights in general were really cool but it was low, dimmed lights so it was hard to get a well lit picture. I still liked it though 🤷🏻‍♀️

Room 5: The ‘Pool’ Ball-Pit Room

This room was REALLY fun, because all the bright blue balls (LOL) and neon blue lighting was supposed to resemble a swimming pool. They had a list of rules on the side (which I totally forgot to take a picture of), some of which included no running, no diving, find the stairs, recommending you to trust fall backwards and keeping your phone on loud in case you lost it in the pit.

This was another GREAT place to take fun boomerangs like trust falling backwards (which I was TERRIFIED about doing because I’ve never done that before), and throwing the balls in the air like I did below.

One thing I will say is that it was all fun and games until it was time to get up and out from the ball-pit. I COULD NOT GET UP FROM THIS. It was SO hard, I was like wtf. I don’t really know what that says about me, but it was so hard to get up, and nothing to grab for support. It was a bad time. But luckily Diego was there and managed to help me out lol.


Room 6: Colorful Room

To be honest with you, the last 3 rooms I really did not get the point of. For instance, although it was cool to walk through with all the bright, neon lights going on and changing, there really wasn’t anything to do in this one other than to walk through it. Also, am I the only one who thought about Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ video when I saw this room?!


Room 7: The Jungle-ish Room(?)

This one was cool, except I couldn’t figure out if it was supposed to be a garden or jungle-type thing. These lights were bright and trippy as hell, and the plants were pretty cool. The lights weren’t SUPER flattering for pictures-sake, but we made the most of it.

Room 8: The Streamer Room (and technically the last room)

And finally, the last room. Again, not COMPLETELY sure the purpose of this room, other than pretty much seeing a shit ton of streamers all over the place, and being nervous as hell about whether or not someone was going to pop out from between the streamers, but we managed to take some pretty nice pictures.


Before leaving:

I guess this would be considered their 9th room? I just considered it somewhat of a pre-exit. It’s cool though because it’s super photogenic I think, and a nice way to tie everything together, like you’re about to step back into reality passed that curtain (if you can’t really read it, it says ‘It Was All A Dream’).



Once stepping through the curtain, this is the last thing you end up seeing which is a Dream wall. It’s meant to be able to write and/or draw any dreams that you may have, but actually going up close to see it, people will just put little quotes on there, or tag their names or anything really that’s memorable to them.

And I’m so cheesy that of course, I had to write that below 🤗❤️ !


* * * * * *

I would totally recommend this for anyone who is looking for something fun and different to do on a weekend. I do agree the price is a little high being that as a whole, it is kind of small, BUT I had a great time, took some great pictures, and think it’s worth it to try at least once. I also didn’t care for 1-2 of the rooms, but overall I really liked it, and the pros out weighed the minor cons like those 2 rooms. Plus, it’s in a great little area in Brooklyn and there are a ton of different places that you would be able to walk to and around afterwards.

Click here to be able to purchase your tickets to Dream Machine, and do it soon because as of right now their last day of being open is July 29th! I hope you guys get to check it out and I see what kind of pictures you took!

*All photo creds goes to my lovely boyfriend ❤ *

Stay tuned for my next post! 🙂

-Xoxo, Leo Girl ❤

Tell Me You Love Me Tour 2018: Barclays Center!

Hi Guys, today’s post is going to be about my recent Demi Lovato concert experience. Yes, I realize that this may not be a post that many people will be interested in, but if you know me you know that I am absolutely in LOOOOOVE with Demi Lovato, so I figure it would be a cool way to document and share my experience with you guys.

* * * * * *

Background Info:

What a lot of people don’t know is that as much as I love Demi, the days leading up to and me actually going to the concert were really hard. It was hard because every time I thought about it, it brought me back to the exact day I bought my tickets and meet & greet package which was November 3rd. That day started off beyond amazing because I got the front row seats that I was DYING for and of course the meet & greet with Demi herself! Little did I know, however, that the best day that I had in a long time was going to turn into the worst day of my life real quick. If you read my “Paw Prints on Our Hearts” post, my cat and long time best friend, died on that day. I won’t go into the specifics of that because I already wrote an entire post about it, which you could check out if you’re interested and I’ll leave linked here: Paw Prints On Our Hearts.

The point is, all of that was really hard on me and although I was super excited about the show, I also felt really guilty about being happy for it. After months of going back and forth about it, I finally had told myself that I’ve been waiting to do this for nearly 2 years, if not more, so I deserved to be happy and excited about it. So that’s what I did, I stopped being sad about it and started to get excited, which was good because time flew by and before I knew it, it was concert day.

* * * * * *

Concert Day: March 16, 2018

The entire day leading up to the time of the show was INSANE; so much going on and so much to do! Diego and I both took off from work because we knew there was going to be a lot going on and a lot that had to get done (more for me than him, but still lol). I was packing for the weekend, getting my nails and hair done, and had to go to the city to check-in to our hotel before the meet & greet, and even had to do my makeup!


Both Diego and I had meet & greets (me for Demi, him for DJ Khaled), so we had to be at the venue way earlier than the time of the show. My check-in time was between 4:30-5:15pm, and his was at like 6:15pm. I had to be there first but made sure to ask them beforehand if it was okay for me to bring him inside the venue just to hang out until it was his turn so he wouldn’t be alone somewhere outside and freezing (shoutout to Karla from Host for making that happen!!).

To say that I was shitting bricks the entire time I was waiting up until I was finally face to face with Demi is a COMPLETE understatement. I WAS FREAKING THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!! I mean seriously, I was about to meet Demi Lovato! If you know me, you know how ridiculously overdue me meeting Demi has been.

The overall waiting process was about an hour and a half. I know that may seem like a super long time, but 1. I was super nervous so it didn’t even feel that long, 2. while waiting we got to hear Demi in soundcheck, and 3. I had made a friend on the line. It was cool because I had never done anything like that before, and she had done it one other time, so we were talking for a while about her experience, what I should expect, etc. it was nice, I had someone to freak out with lol. And before I knew it, the meet and greet sessions were starting.


* * * * * *

Meeting Demi:

It all went so freaking fast honestly. There was this divide between the line we were on and the little space that Demi was in. The divide was a curtain. So every time someone would go in, you would get the tiniest glimpse into where she was and seeing like her jacket or her hair but not fully her!!


The one thing that did kind of suck was that beforehand, someone from her team came out to tell everyone that Demi was put on voice-rest before the show, so if she didn’t happen to say much that was why. And I know a lot of people were upset about that because they wanted to be able to speak to her and do all these different things (understandably so) and get what they paid for. So when everyone heard that, they were kind of disappointed (again, understandably so). Personally, yeah it was a lot of money, but since it was my first time and I love Demi so much, just being in her presence alone was fine for me. And I know that may sound weird or stupid, but it’s the truth. I was in Demi’s presence for a total of 5 minutes more or less. As soon as they opened the curtain and it was my turn to go, I was literally like 😨😵 OH.MY.GOD. and I just kept staring at her. I swear it felt like a dream and like I was floating. To be honest I don’t even remember telling her my name. What I do remember telling her is how fucking beautiful she is. She couldn’t say much, but she whispered “hi, how are you?,” and “thank you so much.”

After that came the picture…. I was TERRIFIED about the picture because I didn’t want to look fat or gross, or have my eyes closed or anything dumb like that and you only got one professional photo! So if it was fucked up, that was it. **Spoiler alert!! If you haven’t seen it, it looks AMAZING (I think anyway)** Scroll down to see it!

Side Note: Originally I wanted to be able to take a picture with us hugging, which I’m sure I could’ve done had I asked her, but I was just so nervous that I completely blanked and forgot to ask 🤦🏻‍♀️ lol.

Once I left the meet and greet, I was dazed the fuck out and couldn’t believe I just met Demi Lovato. Somehow or another though I managed to direct myself to the merch table and bought a t-shirt and sweatshirt, which was good because I wanted to be able to do that at some point. Now, the meet and greet was over, I got my merch and food and it was time to hear bae sing her fucking heart out!!

* * * * * *


The show itself started at about 7:30pm and opened with Kehlani. If I’m being honest, before the show I had never heard any music by her; I knew a bit about her, but not her music. So Diego and I were pretty much going in blind for her performance while everyone else was hyped af. But trust me when I say that by the end of it, we were definitely fans. Her style, her voice, her dancing, and the way she hyped up the crowd was all great. She really is a great performer with an amazing voice, and at the moment, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t listen to CRZY. My absolute FAV right now.


After Kehlani came DJ Khaled. Now again, if I’m being honest, although there are a lot of great songs that he’s apart of, since he doesn’t actually sing or anything, I really didn’t expect much from him. I didn’t even actually know WHAT to expect from him because of that. But honestly, he did his shit and his set was great. He’s like the greatest hype man ever lol. He played and danced to all the hype hits like Turn Down For What, All The Way Up, Wild Thoughts, and his new song Top Off.

He also brought out 2 special guests which was pretty dope, A Boogie and J. Balvin. They both played great songs of theirs; A Boogie rapped My Shyt and Drownin’, and J. Balvin sang his hit Mi Gente. It was awesome. To end his set, he hyped the crowd up to see Demi finally and gave us one of his usual motivational speeches about life and his upcoming album. And then finally before he left, Asahd came waddling out and everyone freaked tf out from how cute he is (which btw, he’s like the calmest baby EVER).

Side Note: That night, if you go on his Instagram, DJ Khaled took a group photo of himself and the audience, and if you zoom in REALLY close you see me and Diego in the bottom corner… heyyyyyy we made the cut! 💁🏻‍♀️ LOL

Finally for the main act, Demi came out (or up I should say since she came from below the stage)!! Of course, she killed every single song that she performed (which was a total of about 18, relatively back to back too with maybe 5 minutes (if that) in between like 7 songs for the sake of wardrobe changes). I absolutely loved every minute of her set, especially being as close up as I was. I had seen Demi live one other time about 2-3 years ago on her Future Now tour with Nick Jonas, and my seating was nowhere near as close as I was this time, but they both put on an amazing show so there wasn’t a doubt in my mind the same thing would happen this time, if not better on her own tour. Which was exactly what happened. She played a ton of songs from her new album Tell Me You Love Me, including a handful from previous albums like Heart Attack and Give Your Heart a Break. She also brought her own little special guest out, Iggy Azalea, and they performed one of Iggy’s songs called Savior. I had never seen or heard her perform live before so that was pretty cool too.

However, I think the absolute best part of the show was somewhat towards the end when DJ Khaled and Kehlani stopped the show to give a speech and congratulate Demi on 6 years of sobriety (which was actually made official the day before on March 15th). And yes, for those of you that aren’t aware, Demi was an avid user up until 6 years ago. She is now completely sober of any and all drugs and alcohol. The entire thing was extremely emotional. She cried, which made me cry, and then she made little jokes to try lightening the mood up a bit. But before leaving the stage, Dj Khaled and Kehlani had the entire audience sing happy birthday to Demi, to which then followed by everyone chanting “Demi! Demi! Demi!” It was sad, but overall extremely inspiring. Once she finally collected herself, she gave a little speech thanking all of us and them and then went on to play two of what I think are probably her most emotional songs, one about overcoming her struggles (Warrior), and the other about her father who passed away and was an addict himself (Father). She had also never performed Father live before, which was really cool to be able to see (it came out in 2015).

This is where she was when DJ Khaled & Kehlani came out to surprise her and where she performed Warrior and Father (also one of my absolute favorite photos that I had taken of her that night).

To close out the show, Demi performed two of my favorite songs from her newest album, Sorry Not Sorry and Tell Me You Love Me. It was such a great and fun way to close out the show honestly, everyone was singing along and not a single person was sitting down. Demi really knows how to finish things with a bang!

* * * * * *

Final Thoughts:

One of the BEST shows I’ve ever been to hands down, I mean granted I’ve only ever been to 2 other concerts before and one of them was another of Demi’s, but still. From the setlists, to all of the special guests, the outfits, special effects, etc., overall truly a great show. And I feel like Demi has been SO slept on as far as her voice, style and how she is as a person; people are only now starting to truly recognize her for the star that she is. Meanwhile, she’s always been this person, the only difference is that she’s more open, edgier and sexier.

10/10 would recommend her and her shows to anyone, she’s an amazing performer and will not let you forget it. Oh and meeting her was obviously amazing too 😍😍 she looks like a freakin doll (in a good way!!) and is 10 times more gorgeous in person!!! And obviously Kehlani and DJ Khaled were great to see live as well. Overall great tour and show, and if I could, I would totally go to another show from this tour to do it all over again.

Wish I had gotten a better picture of this, but it’s how she closed out the show after she finished performing TMYLM, which was SO cute (if you can’t tell their 2 roses).

-Xoxo, Leo Girl ❤