RANT: Catcalling

Let’s start with the obvious which is, “what exactly is catcalling?”

For those of you that don’t know and/or maybe have just not heard the term, catcalling is making a whistle sound, shouting or generally making a comment of a sexual nature to a woman passing  by. So ultimately, when you’re being harassed in the street by a guy or group of guys….

You may be thinking, why are you writing an entire blog post on something like this? And the answer is pretty simple actually, it’s because in the day and age that we live in, it’s something that needs to be brought to light and spoken about more then what it actually is.

* * * * * *

For those of you that don’t know, I’m from the South Bronx, born and raised, where things like catcalling occur on a regular day to day basis. Obviously I know that this is something that happens universally, but I can and will only speak based off of my own personal experiences, which is what I’m doing right now.

This is a topic I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. It’s one that I’ve gone back and forth about writing for a while because it’s another one of those controversial topics. The only difference is, I’ve actually been a victim of this myself, for many, many years…since I was about 13-14 years old….I’m 23 about to be 24 in a few months….

How crazy is that to think about?

Granted, it’s not something that I’ve had to deal with every single day of my life, and obviously there are some girls/women that probably have it MUCH worse then me and others, but nonetheless I think it’s something that needs to get addressed more.

* * * * * *

Now to some, it may just look or seem as if a girl is ONLY getting complimented by a guy, right? And for some guys/men that IS actually all that is, but for others, it’s so much more…For others, it’s more along the lines of sexual harassment then anything else.

I can remember being MUCH younger, maybe early teens, having grown ass men whistle at me, etc. and my mom simply telling me to ignore it and brush it off. Now, I’m not at all blaming her for anything, because in hindsight, I can understand why she told me to do that, but to the same extent, I could never understand how grown ass men like that, who were old enough to be an uncle of mine, or even my FATHER, was trying to hit on me like that??? I mean I was ultimately a little girl compared to them.

And Lord knows things like that have really only gotten worse with time unfortunately. Some girls (including myself) can’t even walk down certain streets without having to worry about whether or not that’s going to happen and whether or not it’s even going to be one or several guys. ON TOP of worrying about to what extent exactly they’ll take it to.

This kind of harassment has gotten to a certain point for some girls/women that not only will the guys curse them out for getting ignored or rejected, but some of them actually take it to the extreme of actually getting violent with these poor girls, and either  beating, or even worse, killing them.

Thank God it has never gotten to that extent for me or anyone that I know, but it does STILL happen and it’s DISGUSTING. It’s ridiculous that girls/women have to not only watch their backs in the streets nowadays, but also have to be ‘extra’ careful in the things they wear for fear that it may draw too much attention to them??? And not even really watch what they wear because it’s to the point that girls can look bummy as hell and it still happens to them.

Women should be able to wear (to some extent) whatever the hell they want that makes them feel pretty, sexy and/or confident without having to worry about whether or not they’re going to get harassed because of it. It’s honestly disgusting and sad that that’s the kind of would we’re living in at this point.

* * * * * *

I’ve realized that I’ve become such an aggressive person because of things like that now, which isn’t necessarily good, but it is what it is I guess at this point.

Like, instead of simply ignoring it the way that a lot of people suggest for me to do, I end up feeding into it and them in a sense, by flipping them off in the streets when they try to talk to me, or cursing them out for staring so hard and/or trying anything, etc.

And I’m not at all suggesting for anyone reading this to do that, but that’s just where I’m at with this kind of situation, personally, from how “normal”, annoying and frustrating it’s become….

I suppose there’s no one real ‘purpose’ for this post other than me wanting to be able to rant about this thing weighing on my mind heavy lately, and the final 2 thoughts that pop into my head:

  1. Ladies…be careful out there. You’re all beautiful, and as much as we want to be treated as equals and be as free as possible, unfortunately in the day and age that we live in, we’ve got to be extra careful and safe out there in the world. So, stay pretty and please stay safe.
  2. Men….ya’ll gotta do better (not all men, but the dirtbags out there preying on little girls and grown women). Learn how to treat a woman, and learn how to respect them and their decisions if they’re not interested and/or decide to ignore you.

* * * * * *

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I haven’t done a rant/random rambles sort of post in SUCH a long time, so it felt pretty good to finally get one out there again haha.

Let me know in the comments below and/or through social media your guys’ thoughts on cat-calling. Have you experienced it before? How did you deal with it? etc. I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on it.

As always, thank you guys so much for reading. Please like, follow, share and comment and I’ll see you guys in my next post!


PS: I really am sorry about being so M.I.A. lately on the blog. Although it’s happened a few times in recent months, you guys have no idea how much I hate doing that and making (what feels like) excuses to you guys about why I’m not posting. There’s just been a lot going on, and that’s no excuse, but I’m doing my best to get back on track and keep pushing through to continue to be as consistent as possible with you guys.

-Xoxo, LeoGirl ❤

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Battle of The Sexes: Relationships

Hey Guys!! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these kinds of posts, but we’re finally back at it and I’m really excited for it 😀 ! So this post is going to be done with a good friend of mine who I’ve known for YEARS named Ralph, (@king__ralph if you want to check out his page on Instagram) say hi to him through the screen or go introduce yourself and show his IG some love!

I thought this topic would be a good one for us to discuss because we’re constantly talking about things like this among ourselves, and he tends to ask for peoples’ opinions on some of these questions on his social media, so I figure it was a good choice.

I’m going to be doing this the same way I did it the first time, which is asking a series of questions, and we’ll both be answering them individually, giving our input on the question/scenario. So let’s get started! 🙂

* * * * * * * *

For those of you that may be new to my blog and did not know, I am currently in a relationship (which we just recently made 4 years together ❤ 😀 ), so that’s what I’ll be basing a lot of my answers off of and a little on previous relationships. Ralph is not currently in a relationship, so he will be basing his answers on previous relationships and just general thoughts/feelings that he may have on the topics/questions mentioned.

  1.  Can you still be friends with the Opposite Sex?

R: I believe that it shouldn’t matter whether you’re in a relationship or not to be friends with the opposite sex. As adults, we have friendships partnerships and business partners that are of the opposite sex. From experience it’s based off who is insecure about having friends due to how the friends are and what they do for fun.

E: I think you can, I always used to be that type of girl to have more male friends then female friends because I was just able to connect with them more. HOWEVER, I used  to have issues with my partner (not my current one, in general) being able to have friends with the opposite sex because of how I’ve been burned in the past with things like that, so it definitely hindered my trust with things like that, but I think I’ve gotten a lot better with it recently, so overall I’m fine with it so long as they know their boundaries and what’s appropriate and what’s not.

2.  Are conversations with exes okay?

R: Some relationships end off on good standing, so it varies from person to person and the bonds they’ve built together. Sometimes relationships don’t work and it’s okay to be friends, but a lot of people don’t tend to understand how that works because they’ve never had that. In other cases, if it was a toxic relationship and they came to a mutual understanding that it wasn’t meant to work, than that’s it and they let it go and don’t ever speak again.

E: I agree. I really think it comes down to how things were left off and how mature the two people are, whether it was left on a good or bad note and whether you guys feel comfortable with still being able to speak to each other or not.  I’m that type that I don’t necessarily mind being able to speak to an ex once in a blue moon because whatever happened, happened. I don’t hold grudges, and I know that I’m happier now in my current relationship than I’ve ever been, but I’ve never had that kind of experience (being able to stay in contact with an ex), because some people don’t know boundaries and how to respect you or your other relationships after things have ended with them so it’s never really been able to work.

3. Should you give your significant other access to all your social media accounts and passwords to your phone?

R: I believe that a relationship should not eliminate the level of privacy that one should have. There has to be a level of trust when it comes to these social media outlets nowadays.

E: I don’t think it’s ‘necessary’ the way some people make it seem sometimes, but I also don’t mind giving it to my significant other if they asked. I have nothing to hide, so why not? But it also shouldn’t be something that the other person obsessives over all of the time. If it gets to that point that you’re obsessing over your significant others social media accounts/passwords, then maybe you just shouldn’t be with the person.

4. What time do you consider as being “disrespectful” to come back home if you’re in a relationship (like how late or not)?

R: I believe that if a couple has trust without each other and communication is good, then there shouldn’t be any issues of how late or not one should come home.

E: For me it would be anything after like midnight or 1am. Not because I don’t trust Diego or I think it’s disrespectful, but mainly because I worry about things like that a lot (worry as in for his safety and well-being, not if he’s doing anything behind my back) and I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t know that he’s at home safe or not, but he is really good with constantly texting me, keeping me updated and stuff, so that does tend to ease my mind a bit.

5. If you’re in a relationship, do you think its okay to go out of town without your spouse?

R: Yes, going back to trust, if you have a certain level of trust in your partner then that’s all that should really matter. That, and communicating whenever possible as well.

E: Diego and I were just recently talking about this to each other lol. We both agreed that it might be a little weird with not having the other around, but if it’s like a girls or guys trip then why not? We know our boundaries and if at any time we feel uncomfortable about something we’ll voice that to the other and talk it out. Communication is definitely key in a situation like that.

6. How much of your relationship issues or business you may have do you think is okay to share with family or friends? (like how much would be too much, and how much would be acceptable)

R: The amount of information you share with your family or friends is based off how close you are with them. For me, I share nothing with my family because I don’t feel like it’s important for them to know a lot about my life. Some of my close friends, like some I’ve had for 18+ years, I’ll tell them the important things even if we don’t speak every day.

E: When it comes to family I’ve learned the hard way not to say too much, because I’ve come to the harsh realization that at times they can be worse gossipers than your friends and could possibly use whatever you tell them against you later on. Some, not all, but because of those select few, I’ve learned to not say much to most family members unless I’m THAT close to you. Similar with friends, I have a really small group of friends that I consider close enough to tell things like that to, I could probably count them on both my hands.

7. Do you think a couple’s finances should be together (to some extent) or completely separated when just dating?

R: I believe that finances should vary from experience to experience because it depends on the morals of the person. There are males that wouldn’t let a woman pay for anything any time they go out, and sometimes depending on the financial circumstances, there are couples that always do it 50/50.

E: I think if you believe you’re going to be with your significant other for life, then why not? Maybe not as SOON as you guys start dating, but over time for sure. In the beginning, Diego would not let me pay for ANYTHING, literally, for like the first year of our relationship. But as time went on and I ended up getting a better paying job, I wanted to be able to treat him the way that he treated me so I would treat him, then there would be times that we would just pay for ourselves. So it’s definitely somewhere in between now, but we also tend to talk to each other about what we can and can’t do financially and ask each other’s opinions on whether or not we should spend certain amounts of money on certain things, so it works out I think.

8.  How important is physical chemistry to you?

R: Physical chemistry to me, plays a pivotal role. I believe that despite the good communication and good vibes, a balanced, good sex life is needed as well. I’m not perfect, I’m chubby but if the person is willing to accept that than I’m good with that, and vice versa.

E: I agree. I’m not going to sit here and say what a lot of people tend to say which is that ‘looks shouldn’t matter,’ because looks aren’t EVERYTHING, but they definitely do matter to some extent. As well as sexual physical chemistry, I think both types of physical chemistry are extremely important in a healthy relationship, especially more so when you’re an adult and looking to settle down. I feel like it should be the best of both worlds when you’re in a relationship, not great in one way and blah in the other.

9. If your partner had close friends with the opposite sex, how would you feel?

R: I would have to meet them all is all. I personally have 3 female best friends and that throws off a lot of females, like why do you have so many best friends? But for me, it’s important to cherish those kinds of relationships.

E: You know a few years ago, had someone asked me this question, I would’ve said I have absolutely no problem with it. But, in recent years, girls have shown me that they really cannot be trusted. The same girls that get close to your boyfriend, and try to be “cool” with you, are the exact same girls that behind your back, talk the most shit to him about you (or try to) to make you look bad. So I’m pretty iffy when it comes to things like this, and Diego knows that, but I also am not opposed to meeting them and getting a feel for them before full-on judging the friendship or whatever it is.

10. How do you think you handle fights when you’re in a relationship?

R: If you were asking the old me how I handle fights, the answer would’ve been really bad. You learn through experience how to handle arguments and what not, but if you’re asking the current me, now it’s all about talking it out and giving each other space.

E: I think it depends on the kind of fights, or like the reasoning for them. If it’s a stupid little fight, I think both Diego and I can agree that yeah we’ll both get annoyed, but we’ll be fine 5-10 minutes later. But if it’s a full-blown fight about I don’t even know what, we can both be hot heads. We’re also both really hard-headed and stubborn at times, so it might take us a bit to cool down and finally think rationally, then be able to talk whatever out sensibly and come to a common understanding, which is what usually ends up happening.

11. How do you respond when your partner is really late to meet you?

R: I would respond in the fashion of questioning whether or not they’re okay and finding out why exactly they were late; anything past that would be unreasonable.

E: It depends what he’s late for. Like if we have something planned that I’m really excited about and we have to be there (wherever) at a certain time, I’ll get SO annoyed because I’m so anxious and just want to get there already, plus don’t want to miss out on our specific reservation or time slot or whatever it is. But if it’s just that we’re going to hang out somewhere or go out to eat and we said 1pm let’s say, and end up leaving at like 2pm, it’s whatever, who cares lol. Diego on the other hand gets so annoyed with me because I take forever to do my hair and makeup even though I swear that I don’t lol.

12. Do you care to know about your partner’s past? (whether relationships, sexual or not, etc.)

R: I see it this way, a person’s past doesn’t involve you because you’re not around, which means it is none of your business unless they are willing to tell you. The only thing is that if course we should be curious to see what mistakes we shouldn’t make or do like the last person.

E: If it was before me and/or has nothing to do with me, then I don’t care. Unless it’s a bad habit you have or something that may get brought on to our relationship. But with me and Diego, that was just something we spoke about in the beginning because we were both curious about it with the other. It almost gave us a better understanding of each other in a way.

13. When do you think it’s the right time for people to meet each other’s parents/families?

R: I believe that when the relationship is serious and you both agree that this is something you want, that the parents should be met.

E: This is hard. I have absolutely no idea, and can’t even base this off of previous relationships, because my last relationship I didn’t tell them about it since I didn’t get a chance to, they kind of just saw us together and introduced themselves. And my current relationship, my parents already knew of Diego since we had went to elementary school together, and we tried to hide it for a bit just to enjoy it amongst ourselves for a while, and they ended up knowing the entire time lol and approaching us about it. So I wouldn’t be able to answer that tbh, I have no idea, I guess whenever you both feel comfortable about it.

14. Would you relocate for love?

R: It would depend on what my financial situation would look like at the time.

E: Off the top of my head, if I were to be basing it off of just love, I would say yes. But being REALISTIC about the entire thing, I would agree with Ralph, but also it would depend on a few other things with that obviously being one of the most important ones. I would also say that it would depend on where exactly they would be going? Would it be better for you/us financially and the opportunity in general? Would I be able to find work wherever it is we end up? There would be a lot to consider for it, but those would be some of the main things I think.

15. What’s the single most important thing for a relationship to be successful? (in your mind)

R: I have learned that the most important thing in a relationship that’s needed is communication. A person isn’t a mind-reader to be able to fully understand another human being. Often times things get misconstrued due to lack of communication. If one would simply verbalize their feelings in the moment instead of building it up, it would be a better environment for the relationship in general.

E: I agree. I feel like when you’re younger, you hear all of the time that communication is key in a relationship, a little too often even to the point where you almost don’t believe it. But when you grow up and start to actually have serious relationships, you see that ‘communication is key’ is 100% true. It’s the only COMPLETE way to truly understand where a person is coming from, or why they’re acting the way they do, etc. I almost feel like you can’t have a relationship WITHOUT communication realistically.

16. What would you define cheating?

R: I believed that cheating can be considered a number of things. Emotional as well as physical, also verbally based off intentions. For example, if you have any physical sexual contact with another person, that’s cheating; kissing, holding hands, etc. Verbal intent would be planning on it. Another example would be “I can’t wait to be with you later or can’t wait to fuck you”, etc. Emotional would be confiding in another male or female outside of your relationship on your relationship issues with the intention of finding solace in that person which leads to other forms of cheating.

E: Cheating is pretty much anything that you’re doing with someone else (of the opposite sex or just generally out of your relationship) that you feel like you have to lie about or hide from your significant other. If you’re meeting up with someone that you know you’re boyfriend/girlfriend would not like, it can be considered a form of cheating. If you’re texting or calling someone that you know they don’t like or wouldn’t want you to be doing that with but you’re doing it behind their back, that can be considered it too. Some may argue that this isn’t true, but to me, that’s what I would categorize cheating.

17. Do you think you’re typically likeable by your significant others’ family and friends?

R: I believe so, I often get along well and am very sociable with families and friends.

E: I’m pretty likeable when it comes to my significant others’ parents. They typically like the way I am and carry myself. Friends tend to be hit or miss, male friends I get along with quick because we joke around a lot and be dumb with each other and it’s a good time. The female friends as I mentioned earlier, are more hit or miss than anything because of their own intentions.

18. After a break-up, would you ask for your gifts back/would you give back all the gifts given?

R: They can keep them or do whatever they want with them. I bought it for them for a special reason, so it’s theirs to do what they want with it.

E: Same. The only gifts I would REALLY want back are the ones that I like made myself. Which I’ve done before, nothing crazy, but like scrapbooks and stuff because there’s been a few that i put WORK into, and they came out looking beautiful, and for one reason or another we broke up, but lowkey I wanted it back, not because of the person at all, but because of how much effort I put into it and liked how it came out SO much lol.

* * * * * * * *

So what did you guys think about this one?! Let me know in the comments down below or let us know on social media. Also, if you guys have any suggestions of topics that should or that you would want to see be covered on this segment in the future, please feel free to let me know! 🙂

-Xoxo, Leo Girl! ❤

Battle of the Sexes: Intros, Finances And Shopping

Hi Everyone! Today’s post is going to be the first of quite a few that’ll be coming that’s part of a new “segment”, so to speak, that I’m starting called Battle of the Sexes.

The way this is going to work is that every time one of these posts is done, there’s going to be a new topic discussed and a new guy discussing the topic with me. With each topic me and the guy are pretty much going to be answering a variety of questions that will be revolving around that topic.

Ultimately, there’s not actually going to be a “winning gender,” because the purpose of these posts isn’t going to be to fight among each other to make either one of the genders (or person) look bad; the purpose of these posts are really just to hear the differences of opinions between me and the person, and more of a discussion in general.

Please feel free to leave comments down below about anything and everything that you may have agreed and/or disagreed with that was said, as well as suggestions of topics you would want to see spoken about. But also please refrain from any bashful or malicious comments towards me and/or the person because EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinions whether you agree with them or not. Also, although it’s titled ‘Battle of the Sexes’, I am not opposed to doing these with women as well. So if you’re interested, whether male or female, leave me a comment down below or shoot me a message on any of my social media platforms and I’ll be happy to include you in one! 🙂

* * * * * * * *

Which Coin Bank Is Heavier?

So for this very first post I thought it would be great to choose someone that is very special to me and who I have discussions like this with ALL the time, and that’s my boyfriend, Diego. I showed him a variety of topics that I thought would be good to discuss, and let him choose the one he was most interested in; and that ended up being about money and shopping since they both, to many extents, go hand in hand with each other.

Diego thinks that something like this would be a lot better if it were in the form of a podcast of some sort or something, which I agree, but I don’t have a channel for something like that nor would I know how to even go about creating one lol, so for the meantime, this is what I have to work with and the way I’ll do it until I figure something better out.

So let’s get started! 🙂 We’re going to start off with easy, “simpler” questions first then get into the more deep questions.

* * * * * * * * *

  1. How much do you usually spend each day?

D- Honestly, not much. I would say $20 total during the week. I’ll buy coffee every morning, and lunch maybe once a week. But I’ll say Mondays would be that one day during the week that i’ll spend the “most” on, I’ll buy coffee and lunch that day, so maybe $15-20, but thats about it.

E- I think $15-20 a day because I buy breakfast and since it gets weighed, it depends on my portion how much i spend. That can be anywhere from $6-8 and then every 2-3 days I put about $10-15 on my Starbucks card for coffee.

    2.  Are you saving to buy anything in particular?

D- I want to start saving for a Tesla as soon as I can, because thats my dream car.

E- I’m attempting to save for a few things but nothing that’s like super immediate. It’s not necessarily buying, but more like renting, an apartment. But i guess the biggest thing I would say I’m saving for at this moment is our (Diego and I’s) trip this summer. Nothing is finalized yet, but that is the goal to save for.

 3. Did you ever receive an allowance?

D- No, I never did.

E- I actually did get an allowance when I was growing up!

D- You did? How much?

E- I think it was like $10 every week or every other week. It was only for like a couple of months to a year at most. And I have absolutely no idea what I would use it on, but I can assume that since i was 8-9 years old that it was probably used on toys and games or something like that lol.

4. Have you ever been in debt?

D- Yes, recently actually. I don’t really wanna say how much or from what, but it kind of was a lot.

E- I am sort of in debt now from my credit card and student loan. I won’t say specifically how much, but I will say that its not terrible because i am paying it off. And paying it off isn’t so much the issue, whereas being smart about paying it off is.

5. Have you ever owed money to people?

D- No, NEVER. Even if I did, I ALWAYS make sure to pay them back ASAP because i hate having to owe anyone anything.

E- I have, but its mainly like my mom. And its definitely not on purpose, I’ll just forget sometimes because I’m busy worrying about other things I have to pay off like my credit card or groceries while I was away at school, and it wouldn’t even be a lot maybe like $50 or less.

6. Have you ever found money?

D- Like in my clothes?

E- No not really, more like in the street or anything like that.

D- I’ve never found money outside in the streets before.

E- I used to find money all the time when I was younger. I found $50 one time under a bench at a store!

D- What the hell happened now??

E- I have NO idea, up until I was like 8 or 9 I would find money in the strangest place. $1, $5, $10, it was great, but I guess after that was when I started to have bad luck lol.

7. How much do you spend on food each week?

D- Like $20 (during the week), and like $100-150 during the weekends with you, but if it wasn’t for going out on weekends it would just be like $20 probably.

E- The entire week?!

D- Well yeah, I mean not to sound fucked up or anything but I take you out to eat a lot and normally I don’t really have a purpose to go out and eat by myself. If you wanna go out and try a new place I’m the one who ends up paying for it.

E- Oooooookay, I offer to pay a lot!!

D- You do but I don’t like you to, so I won’t let you.

E- I think for me it would be like $30-40 a week more or less. It mainly depends on the week, but as I said with buying breakfast every morning and spending $10-15 on coffee every couple of days.

8. What do you spend most of your money on?

D- Clothes and shoes.

E- Lately for me its been clothes too. Up until a few weeks ago it used to be makeup, but now I’ve kinda stopped that and shifted to always buying clothes because I always feel like I don’t have anything to wear.

9. What is the most money you’ve spent on something to wear?

D- It would have to be between my Stone Island coat which was about $500 and my Balenciagas which was like $600-$700.

E- For me it would have to be that bathing suit from Barneys I bought recently which was like almost $200 and I literally NEVER do things like that, so yeah lol.

10. How do you think money helps make us happy?

D- Wow thats deep. I find money to be a sense of freedom.

E- How?

D- Money pretty much gives people the freedom to do whatever they want. Some people work just to work, just because they need money to survive, most people hate their job. But the paycheck at the end of the week almost makes it worth it. They can go out, take a trip, whatever it is at the end of the day to make themselves happy. The more money you have its pretty much the more freedom you have which makes people happy.

E- I feel like I do agree that money is a freedom, but it depends on the person and the type of person that they are. Money can make people feel powerful. It can make them feel powerful like they’ve got the whole world in their hands even if they really don’t and what they have really isn’t that much money to begin with. What they have in that moment is what makes them happy.

11. What qualities do you think a person has to have to make big money and/or be rich?

D- They have to be the type of person to take a leap of faith.

E- Like leadership?

D- Yeah like leadership, effort and being able to take a leap of faith because if you don’t take that leap of faith whatever it is you want won’t ever happen. And you can’t be afraid to fail.

E- I feel like you have to be strong. You have to really be able to not care about what people say or think about your thoughts and ideas.

D- Yeah and not easily brought down or affected by negativity.

E- Yeah if you fall you kind of have to be like well that just happened, now on to the next thing.

D- Exactly you have to be able to pick yourself up when something goes wrong or you fail.

E- You have to also like not be a bullshitter, you have to take action in order to actually get shit done, not just say it and hope that it happens.

12. What does ‘the best things in life are free’ mean to you?

D- The things people take for granted. Like people stressing about the smallest things which makes you lose sight of what’s actually important.

E- To me its that some of the truly best things in life like money can’t buy family time or real friends. I’m sure you could in the sense of bribery or whatever, but they most likely wouldn’t be true, genuine relationships with people or things.

13. How much money do you think you would have to win to be happy?

D- A billion.

E- Why?

D- Because I wouldn’t be able to fully spend that, which is great to think about.

E- Yes you could?

D- You think so?

E- I know so. Look how many people, celebrities, etc. have done it.

D- A billion? Naw I don’t think so, maybe a million.

E- Yeah millions of dollars that would most likely add up to a billion. The same way someone would be able to do it for a million, they would do it for a billion.

D- I mean its possible, if you’re purposely trying to do it then you’re going to spend a lot of money, but living your life regular and in a  smart way, I really don’t think so. So yeah, a billion.

E- I think…as much as it takes for me to feel like I’m stress-free. Whatever that might be, which could be a billion or a million or a couple hundred thousand dollars…as long as I would know that all my bills and/or expenses are covered along with my family and the people I care about being good, I’ll be happy.

D- Well yeah thats relatively the same with me saying a billion, its just an actual amount because I think/know that would be enough to be like “mom, don’t worry, I got you.” It wouldn’t just be for me, it would also be for the people I care about around me.

14. What are some reasons that you think people are poor? And do you think poverty can be avoided?

D- I think poverty can be avoided.

E- Really?

D- Yes I think so, but it could always be mislead like you didn’t have the proper guidance or something. Does that make sense?

E- I think it depends on the person and their situation. I think some people definitely do it to themselves, whereas other people don’t have a choice for it. There are people who are alcoholics and drug addicts who do it to themselves, especially when its hardcore. It could be from serious stuff like that to not so serious stuff like having a shopping addiction. And there are other people in the world who are just kind of born into that type of life with no choices for it. Its just kind of what it is and who knows what their parents or guardians reasoning for that was and the ones before that..

15. Why do you think a lot of poor people in many cases are more generous and understanding than rich people?

D- Because they have nothing or no one to rely on they see what they missed out on in life whether intentional or not.

E- It humbles them

D- Yeah. Rich people obviously have a lot, so they never really have to worry about much.

E- Right, and with poor people, the ones who actually don’t have much, are like so grateful for any little bit they can get like wow this is everything to me right now. Rich people can be unappreciative douchebags, not all of them, but some.

16. Do you tend to give tips to people at bars, restaurants, cabs, etc.?

D- We always tip. It depends on who pays for the meal or whatever it is then the other leaves the tip, but we always do.

E- Yeah but you don’t like to sometimes, and if you do, it won’t be a lot.

D- You think so?

E- When they’re good, yeah.

D- Fuck yeah, I’m not gonna throw my money around to whoever.

E- Well no of course, but I feel bad sometimes, when I think about it because one of my old roommates was a waitress and that was like the majority of her income (getting tips).

D- No I understand.

E- So they literally live off their tips. And I know sometimes these people give really shitty service, and sometimes they don’t deserve it, but at the same time, its like damn this is what their going to be going home with at the end of the night.

D- I get it, but thats not my problem. Not to sound fucked up but why am I going to give you this money that I worked for, when you’re giving me barely a half-ass job? I work hard for my money, so if you want it, I don’t see why you can’t do the same. I don’t mind giving anyone a great and big tip, but I expect great service in return.

E- I just always feel bad, I’m too much of a nice person, but it is true that if you don’t deserve it, you’re not going to freakin’ get it.

17. Are you good at saving?

D- Overall, yes!

E- I’m not at all.

D- Alright, I like the honesty.

E- Yeah i mean I really try to be good at saving and lately think I’m actually getting better at it, but I don’t know its just always kind of been difficult for me for some reason. I am slowly getting better at it though!!

18. If you were to win a shit ton of money, would you give up working and what would you spend your time doing?

D- NO! I would go insane if I ever stopped working.


D- What would I do though? I would get a part-time job and in my spare time I guess just accumulate more money and probably even part take in charity work so that I’m doing SOMETHING and not just home all the time being bored.

E- I don’t think I would ever be able to just stop working. I can’t just sit still, I get bored too fucking quickly so because of that, I always have to keep myself busy doing SOMETHING even if it may not technically be work, it’s gotta be something because I can only do the chilling in bed watching Netflix thing for so long.

19. Are brand names important to you? Why or why not?

D- Yeah. I tend to buy a lot of stuff thats expensive, I just feel like its worth the price. Ultimately, I believe and know that I’m paying for the quality of the product.

E- You could get great quality products for half the price that you would normally pay for designer stuff at stores that you would probably never even think to shop at. Some not all, but nonetheless.

D- I just think that because I’m paying that much money for something, that means the means to create it took a lot longer and was more thought out and detailed then other things that are similar and cost less (personal preference).

E- I guess I could see that to an extent with clothes. But another good example of why I think thats false is makeup. So many people have that mentality that “oh I’m paying all this money for this Givenchy, Dior or Saint Laurent makeup, so of course its gotta be amazing,” but SO many people are sadly mistaken. Most times brands like E.L.F., Wet-N-Wild, and L.A. Girl that sell their products for a couple of dollars are 10 times better than the brands I just mentioned that you spent $40 on a brush, $50 on a powder and $60-$70 on a freakin’ foundation (quality). Maybe its not always like that and really depends on the particular product (like clothes, sneakers, etc.), but I think this was a good example of that and why luxury brands aren’t all that important to me. Personally, if I can find and get something that looks and/or feels similar to a luxury brand product AND for less than half the price, then why not? It’s one thing to splurge once in a blue moon on luxury brand products, but to make it important? No.

20. What do you define as a luxury good?

E- Anything over $100 I consider to be a luxury good. Not as in several things adding up to $100, but if I’m paying over $100 for something then I consider that luxury.

D- To me it would be anything worth quality.

* * * * * * * *

Well guys that’s pretty much it, the first version of the Battle of the Sexes posts to come.

That was the majority of the conversation we had revolving around all things financial, although I had to cut A LOT out because we kept straying off topic and joking around, and being annoying with each other lol. But I hope you guys enjoyed it and let us know in the comments below your answers to these questions, what you thought about our answers/opinions, what kind of topics for this you would want to see in the future, etc.

-Xoxo, Leo Girl! ❤